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What type of bathroom sink to choose? Types

Destini Fry
What type of bathroom sink to choose? Types

Washbasin is one of the basic elements of any bathroom equipment. What types of bathroom sinks stand out and how to choose the perfect model?

Countertop washbasin

One of the most fashionable types of washbasins in recent years are countertop models, which perfectly complement the arrangement of a modern, small bathroom. The bowl visible above the countertop not only increases the aesthetic value of the room, but also makes that we have much more space to store cosmetics and hygiene accessories in the cabinet on which the washbasin is placed.

Countertop washbasin looks great in bathrooms with a minimalist style. It is worth placing it on a countertop made of appropriately impregnated wood or conglomerate.

Bathroom basins flush into the countertop

Washbasins flush with the countertop are a traditional solution, still often found in many bathrooms. Modern countertop models are characterized by simple, geometric shapes, are economical in details and very elegant. We can install this type of washbasin at different heights in relation to the countertop.

Standalone bathroom washbasin

Standing washbasins are not a popular solution, but they look really spectacular. They are usually mounted on a profiled support right into the floor, or on decorative legs.

They guarantee an amazing arrangement effect, but due to the lack of possibility to install a bathroom cabinet underneath them – they work best in a toilet, not in a bathroom with a shower or bathtub. This is a solution for people who like to stand out and are eager to introduce designer trends to their interiors.

Corner bathroom washbasin

Corner washbasins are dedicated to small bathrooms and toilets. They allow maximum use of available space, without taking up too much space. Usually they are wall-mounted models, although we can easily order a custom cabinet for them.

Which bathroom washbasin should I buy? What should we pay attention to when choosing one?

What aspects should we pay attention to when buying a bathroom washbasin? The washbasin should provide us with maximum comfort while performing daily hygienic activities, but also decorate the bathroom and be durable

Functionality is the basis. The product has to be adjusted to the size of the sanitary room, installation possibilities and our needs (for example, if we like to have cosmetics near the washbasin, it is worth considering a countertop model). The shape of the washbasin is also important – if we want to achieve a modern effect in the bathroom, a round or oval bowl is the best choice.

It is worth investing in models of well-known manufacturers with an established position on the market, such as Grohe, Roca, Villeroy&Boch, Elita, Artceram, Duravit, Massi.

The material of construction of the bathroom basin

Another important thing is the material of construction. Ceramic washbasins are easy to keep clean. In contrast, glass washbasins require constant cleaning, as the slightest dirt and dried drops of water are visible on them

In recent years, stone washbasins have gained popularity as they are very solid, durable and aesthetic. However, due to the rather high price, only the wealthiest customers opt for this solution

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