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Where to place a washing machine in a small apartment?

Destini Fry
Where to place a washing machine in a small apartment?

Small apartments are sometimes difficult to arrange. It is necessary to fit all the necessary equipment in them in such a way that there is still free space. Where to place the washing machine in a small apartment?

Important location of the washing machine in a small apartment

In small apartments, where every piece of floor counts, it is worth deciding on a non-standard solution, such as a top-loading washing machine or a slim washing machine.

4 ways to place a washing machine in a small apartment

1. In a closet

Placing a washing machine in the closet is a very good idea. When there is no space in the bathroom, then you can hide it in the closet or in the hall closet. This will save space in the bathroom. White goods placed in the closet are invisible and do not spoil the aesthetics of the room.

2. In the bathroom

If there is space in the bathroom, then you can make a special closet, in which the washing machine will be hidden at the bottom, and on top there will be shelves for storing cosmetics and household chemicals.

If there is an alcove in the bathroom, then you can put the washing machine in it. This way you can use every bit of space in a practical way.

If there is little space in the bathroom and throughout the house, then it is worth choosing a device with compact dimensions. In stores you can find models with a width of 40 cm

In small bathrooms, a good solution is to place a narrow washing machine in a cabinet under the sink. By building it under the sink, you can gain space in the bathroom.

Placing a washing machine above the toilet is a very innovative solution. A slim type washing machine and a toilet with a concealed cistern will work great for this. Above the container with the cistern, install a shelf on which the washing machine will stand. This shelf can be built-in but the washing machine door should be located at a convenient height. This solution is very ecological, because the water from the washing machine can be used to flush the toilet. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to plan it already at the stage of designing the bathroom, because it requires unusual plumbing solutions

3. In the kitchen

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is an idea straight from American movies. If there is a lot of space in the kitchen, it is worth placing a washing machine there. The best idea is to install a washing machine in one of the kitchen cabinets. An interesting idea is to place the washing machine in the kitchen island – thanks to this you can save space, and the island becomes an extension of the countertop.

4. In the utility room

Most apartments in new construction have a separate small utility room. In such a place it is best to place a washing machine. This way it does not take up unnecessary space in the bathroom.

Which washing machine to choose?

When there is very little space in the apartment, top-loading washing machines are the best solution. Such models of household appliances are about 40 cm wide. Thanks to this, they do not need as much space as classic solutions.

If the layout of the room allows it, then you can choose a classic front-loading washing machine model. Classic washing machines are very convenient to use. The smallest model of a classic washing machine is about 50 cm wide.

If there are recesses in a small apartment, but they are not deep, then it is worth choosing a slim washing machine. These models have compact shapes, so they are perfect for small apartments.

What parameters of the washing machine should pay attention to?

When buying a washing machine, in addition to the price, you should also pay attention to technical parameters:

  • energy class – the higher, the washing machine will use less electricity, but the device will be more expensive;
  • maximum load;
  • maximum spin speed;
  • programs;
  • the possibility of modifying the programs, such as adjusting the spin speed, additional rinsing;
  • applied technologies and functions.
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