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What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

Destini Fry
What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

Wallpaper is a decor element most often used in bedrooms and living rooms. However, more and more people are starting to incorporate them into their kitchens. What kind of wallpaper should you choose to withstand years of moisture and mess?

Wallpaper in the kitchen may seem like an extravagant idea – after all, most people opt for easy-to-clean surfaces like tiles or tile. But if you’re a fan of distinct patterns and strong design elements, introduce wallpaper into your kitchen as well. Don’t worry, there are some that can withstand even the dirtiest of cooks!

Types of wallpaper

Before you move on to choosing colors and patterns, consider what type of wallpaper will be appropriate. The kitchen is a humid place, and if the wallpaper is going to cover the wall under the cabinets, just behind the countertop and stove, it also needs to be heat resistant

  1. Paper wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is the most common type of wallcovering. They’re cheap, generally available, and you’ll find a wide range of colors and patterns on the market. Unfortunately, the low price comes with low resistance. Even a small contact with water or high humidity (e.g. from steaming in a pot of soup) can cause its destruction.

Admittedly, there are paper wallpapers covered with an additional layer of thin foil , which is to create a barrier against stains, but in the kitchen it is not only possible dirt that is a problem

  1. Vinyl wallpaper

A much better solution in kitchen conditions will be vinyl wallpaper. It is built on a paper base, but it is covered by a layer of vinyl – as the name suggests. This makes vinyl wallpaper resistant not only to dirt, but also to high temperatures and high humidity levels. They are not afraid of greasy stains, oil splashing from a frying pan, boiling pasta or steam from a kettle. They are also quite easy to maintain because the outer layer allows you to quickly remove dirt – just with the help of detergent and a paper towel

Vinyl wallpaper is also a great solution for uneven walls. If you do not want to putty the surface additionally, this type of wallpaper will easily cover the furrows and irregularities – because it is distinguished by its great thickness.

  1. Fiberglass wallpaper

This is a type of special wallpaper, which is distinguished by its extraordinary resistance – it can withstand even several years without a scratch! It is created from thin glass microfibers, which very often create an uneven texture, like a hand weave. Just like vinyl wallpaper, it can cover the imperfections of uneven walls, as its thickness allows it to do so

It is extremely resistant to contact with water, and you can use a damp cloth to clean it without worry, with which you can easily wash away stains and dirt. It is also resistant to high temperatures, fire and UV radiation

What distinguishes fiberglass wallpaper? The possibility of painting them with acrylic or vinyl paints, thanks to which you can adjust the wallpaper to your interior. It is a great solution for the kitchen, because you can cover part of the wall with fiberglass wallpaper, which you paint with magnetic or blackboard paint – this way the recipes will always be at hand!

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  1. Photo wallpapers on glass

If you want to enrich your kitchen with interesting motifs – e.g. floral – and at the same time you like natural raw materials and easy cleaning, you can also choose a photo wallpaper on glass. By covering the image with a glass layer, you get the highest standard of water resistance and sterility. Wall murals also create a wide range of design possibilities.

Popular motifs

You want to introduce wallpaper into your kitchen, but you don’t know what motif will fit best? Let your imagination run wild! For many years now, wallpaper has been moving away from strictly culinary related themes. This allows you to personalize your kitchen and make it a place you enjoy spending time in

  1. Mosaics

Mosaics in an ethnic style appear not only in bathrooms. Even in modern interiors, Moroccan or Greek motifs are increasingly being used to bring color and elegance

  1. Plant motifs

Plant motifs are on trend! Delicate roses, tangled vine shoots or palm and monstera leaves – these are patterns that can be found not only on wallpaper in the bedroom or living room. And not only in urban jungle style!

  1. Retro

Retro-style wallpapers also appear in modern designs – but in more subdued colors. They are usually symmetrically spaced shapes, combining geometry with floral motifs, but in an elegant and discreet form

  1. Geometric

If your kitchen is thoroughly modern, go for geometry! Cubes, triangles, squares, straight lines – you can find them all in every DIY store. If you choose a geometric wallpaper with an elegant color scheme (e.g. gold motif), it will also successfully underline the glamour style inspiration.

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