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Broken glass in the door. Should I replace it or put a new door?

Destini Fry
Broken glass in the door. Should I replace it or put a new door?

Interior doors with glass are very often chosen because they add lightness and unique brightness to the room. Unfortunately it often happens that the glass in the door gets damaged. It is not worth replacing the whole door, it is enough to replace the glass.

Replacing broken glass in the door, why is it worth it?

Doors with glass panels are very popular because they add lightness to the interior. Unfortunately, it often takes just an unfortunate crash or a draft for the glass to break into tiny pieces. What to do in this situation?

You can buy room doors in DIY stores for about 150 PLN but they are of low quality. Buying a new door of good quality costs from about 400 PLN upwards. In such a situation, it is worth considering replacing the glass in the door.

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The cost of replacing the glass in the door

Replacement of the glass can be commissioned to a professional or do it yourself. However, regardless of who will be replacing it, you will need to purchase it yourself. The price of new glazing varies from 60 to 130 PLN/m2 – it depends on the thickness of the glass and its color. The glass has to have its edges ground – which is an additional cost. If the glass is replaced by an expert on the spot, the cost of the service including transport is minimum 150 PLN.

Alternative to glazing

Replacing the glass or buying a new door is not the only solution. A material very similar to glass, i.e. Plexiglas or acrylic, can be placed in the glass holes.Choosing this material, the visual difference is often very small, and it is much cheaper. In DIY stores you can buy light transmitting Plexiglas in different patterns and colors.

The place after the glass can be masked with furniture boards or other materials. An interesting solution is to insert a previously painted thin MDF board into the empty space. Remember that the rest of the doors in the house should look the same, so that the interior will be consistent.

Replacing the door glass yourself

You can replace the glass in your door yourself and it is very easy. You will need tools to replace the glass in your door:

  • an upholstery knife,
  • a tape measure,
  • glass silicone
  • painter’s tape,
  • a cartridge squeezer,
  • new glass.

To purchase new glass, remove the remains of the old glass from the door, then measure the height and width of the resulting hole.

Replacing the glass step by step

  1. Pull the door off its hinges.
  2. Remove the remnants of the old glass by removing the slats that support it. To do this, tape the door around the rails with painter’s tape – this will prevent accidental damage when removing the remaining glass.
  3. Use a knife to gently pry up the slats. This should be done very carefully so as not to accidentally damage them.
  4. Measure the opening of the glass.
  5. Clean the area where the new glass will be – this can be done with e.g. extraction gasoline.
  6. Apply glazing silicone to the cleaned area and press the glass down firmly into the hole.
  7. Remove the painter’s tape from the door.
  8. Coat the area where the slats will be located with silicone.
  9. Attach the slats to the silicone.
  10. Remove any remaining silicone with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  11. Hang the door.
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