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Where will spotlighting work?

Destini Fry
Where will spotlighting work?

Spot lighting is a great example of minimalism and practicality. This fashionable solution will illuminate every nook and cranny of your home. See in which rooms it works best.

In which places is it best to use spot lighting?


There is no other place in the house where lighting must be installed as functionally as in the kitchen. This is where you turn into a chef, bake, cook and decorate meals. For all of this, correctly and precisely placed lighting is essential. For this you need a central lamp and task jupiters. The latter will make your work much easier. It has to be comfortable and safe in the kitchen. Lighting over the worktop is important. This is where light points come in handy. They work best if they are placed every 40-60 cm. Points for detailed lighting can also be mounted in selected places on the ceiling. Such light should be bright, but not dazzling

Dining room

An increasingly popular solution is lighting placed directly above the table. Pay attention that such light is not glaring. A good solution in this situation may be opaque lampshades, because they will not dazzle people sitting. In order for the rays to reach the entire surface of the furniture, hang the lamp 50 cm above the smaller countertop, and 80 cm above the larger one.


Good lighting in the bathroom is essential for your daily beauty routines. Without it, putting on makeup or trimming your beard would be much more difficult, if not impossible. In a functional room it is therefore worth investing in several points of light. In addition to the place by the mirror, this type of lamps can be placed over the bathtub and create an additional decoration and intimate atmosphere. Moreover, they will perfectly emphasize recesses built with shelves.


Appropriate light influences concentration and efficiency. For these reasons it is perfect for the space where you study or work. It is worth attaching spot lamps over the top of your desk. This will allow for good lighting of the entire workstation


When your hallway is small and cramped it is worth deciding on light points. They will not take up valuable space. They can also be additional illumination, installed non-standardly, because by the floor. This solution will optically enlarge the space and introduce a magical atmosphere.

Room with bevels

Arrangement of such an interior is quite a challenge, also in the choice of lighting. The angle of inclination is often so large that you can not freely stand against the wall, and the lowest corners are sometimes dark and difficult to access. It will be difficult to install hanging lamps in this place. Therefore, it is worth choosing a point product. It will take up little space and the stream of light will fall exactly where you direct it

Art galleries and museums

Accent lighting is also useful in spaces other than home. These include places where paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art are displayed. They allow you to see more details of the specimens on display

The advantages of spot lighting

Spot lights can be used in a variety of places and are a decorative element. On the market you will find various designs that will suit any style of interior. Thanks to this type of spotlight you can highlight the elements that are important to you, illuminate the space, optically enlarge the interior and give the room a unique atmosphere.

Spot lighting – warm or cold?

In most of the places described above cool or neutral colored rays will find their use. In places where we work, we need to focus and we want to see all the details, so it will be the only right way of illumination. Warm shades will find use in cozy rooms, where the main task is to create an atmosphere.

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