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Stone carpet – where is it worth doing?

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Destini Fry
Stone carpet – where is it worth doing?

Stone carpets have become very popular in recent years. They can be a beautiful decoration. Where is it worth doing them and what do you need to know about them?

Stone carpets are a very interesting and currently quite fashionable solution. They look nice and are quite practical. Where and why is it worth making them?

What is a stone carpet?

Stone carpet is carpet or flooring made of different colored pebbles or quartzite. Individual elements are connected with each other by resin, most often epoxy resin. Its advantage is undoubtedly its durability. Stone carpet is resistant to various damages, both chemical and mechanical. Its appearance somewhat resembles a cobblestone. There are also those who compare it to terrazzo

When we touch it, we can feel tiny grains. Thanks to that it is more difficult to slip on such flooring, which is worth taking into account when deciding on this solution

Stone carpet – where can it be made?

Stone carpet is suitable primarily for outdoor use. It can be laid on a balcony, terrace or driveway (it’s resistant enough that even the weight of a car won’t hurt it). Besides, such a floor is quite easy to clean, so any dirt can be removed – a brush and a mop will suffice. A carpet made of colored pebbles can also replace paving stones, which were popular for years. Especially since it doesn’t deform like it does, and it’s done really quickly and efficiently

Stone carpet is quite pleasant to the touch, so you can walk on it barefoot. That’s why many people choose to make it on a terrace or balcony, where we often don’t put shoes on. Interestingly, some people decide to make such a floor on the stairs. The reason is not only an interesting visual effect, but also an anti-slip surface and resistance to very low temperatures, which is particularly important in this place

Stone carpet at home? Why not!

Such flooring made of resin bonded tiny stones doesn’t have to be placed only outside. It can be also used inside the house, for example in laundry room or bathroom. Especially that it can be laid on underfloor heating, you just need to lay additional waterproof underlay, which will protect against moisture

Stone carpet is also a great option in garages or workshops, where a lot of heavy objects often stand. The key thing in this case is that it doesn’t deform and there won’t be any holes in it due to, for example, an object falling down

Such flooring is also ideal in corridors or vestibules, that is, places that often get dirty

A carpet made of colored pebbles not only on the floor?

Some people go a step further and lay a carpet of pebbles not only on the floors, but also on the walls. It can be an interesting decoration of plinths or elevations. It can also be used, for example, on fence posts. It can also be used to cover a fireplace – it is worth emphasizing that such aggregate is fire-proof and does not heat up too much, so there is no risk of fire. Also, the walls in some rooms can be decorated with miniature, resin-bonded pebbles

In fact, there is no place in the house or yard where a stone carpet could not be laid. It is a practical, ecological and very aesthetic solution at the same time. So we can assume that it will be more and more common in our homes and outside.

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