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Blinds or curtains – which is a better choice?

Destini Fry
Blinds or curtains – which is a better choice?

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Choosing a window decoration can prove to be quite a dilemma. What to choose, roller blinds or maybe curtains? Before the final decision it is worth to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of both these solutions. Here we suggest which option will be optimal for your interior.

Roller blinds

A roller blind is not the same as a blackout. Despite appearances you can choose from many varieties of this window decoration. You can choose, for example, more decorative Roman blinds made of curtain or net curtain fabrics or typical fabric blinds which can be fixed to the window frame, to the ceiling or above the window. If you decide on this solution, it is worth choosing the perfect fit for your window blinds on dimension Warsaw offers a large selection of them. So what are the pros and cons of this decoration?

Advantages of roller blinds

A huge advantage of roller blinds is undoubtedly the fact that they save a lot of space. They have a minimalist character and when the windows are uncovered, they are practically unnoticeable. It is certainly an ideal proposal for fans of simplicity and functional solutions. There is also a wide choice when it comes to the type of roller blinds. You can choose fabric roll-up roller blinds, day-night blinds or 3D roller blinds. Thanks to this you are sure to find a window decoration which will meet all your expectations. Undoubtedly a huge advantage of roller blinds is the fact that they reduce high temperature and perfectly shade the interior. They are therefore ideal for extremely hot days. They are also a good solution for people with allergies, as they do not collect dust or pollen

Drawbacks of roller blinds

Definitely resign from roller blinds if you like changing your interior design. Roller blinds are not that easy to replace as you can’t take them down and put them up whenever you want. They also do not work if you like having flowers on your windowsill. The roller blind can get caught on them, which can damage the flower or cause ugly stains on the blind. Another disadvantage is that it is not so easy to clean the blind. If such a patch or stain does appear, it will be necessary to wash the blind on the window, which may cause many difficulties. Roller blinds will also not work well if you like elegant glamour type interiors, as its character is too simple. The disadvantage is also not very cozy nature of this window decoration, so it will not work well in the bedroom, for example.


Another suggestion for window decoration is curtains. This is the most classic proposal that has been decorating windows for years. You can easily adjust the curtains to your needs, choosing the appropriate material and pattern. What other features does this solution have?

Advantages of curtains

Curtains have many advantages, but undoubtedly the biggest one is their great variety. You can choose from many materials, patterns and textures. Classic curtains for the kitchen, thick and heavy curtains, or maybe something softer? No matter what you need, you’re sure to find something to suit you – for example at Another advantage of curtains is that you can clean them easily. You can simply take them down from the curtain rail and wash them in the washing machine. It’s also a great option if you like changing things up, as there’s no problem with taking them down and putting them back up a few times. Curtains are also perfect if you like elegant and cosy interiors.

Drawbacks of curtains

Without a doubt, a disadvantage of curtains is their high dust absorption. They won’t do well in the bathroom either as they soak up moisture. In case of heavy fabrics, you may also find that the disadvantage is the problem with efficient use. In case of thinner fabrics, creases often appear, especially after washing, which makes it necessary to iron the curtains. These thin and delicate curtains will also not work well if you live on the ground or second floor, because by their see-through nature, they do not provide privacy.

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