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3 functional solutions for a small bathroom

Destini Fry
3 functional solutions for a small bathroom

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Small bathrooms can be a pain in the ass. However, not everything is lost yet, because there are ways thanks to which you can expand the space in your toilet. The products we will use are easily available and, above all, cheap.

Where to start?

Before we give you specific solutions, it’s a good idea to first take care of the basics of organization. At first, collect all items of the same type, also check if there are no duplicates somewhere, where are the things you need most often. Try to organize everything and throw away or store unused or spare products.

Keep toiletries and appliances close to where you usually use them. It’s important to prioritize and not fill the space unnecessarily with items that will sit there and collect dust.

A place for towels

If you want extra space for towels that need to dry, think about installing an extra towel rack near the shower or bathtub. You can also hang an extra rod behind the shower rod. This will create extra space to hang towels when your space is limited. In addition to a place to dry your towels, it will also create space for other things, such as kitchen towels. Another solution for insufficient space is to install a rack above the door. There are also racks available in stores to store toilet paper, bath products, cosmetics, etc. It can also be used to store towels if you fold them properly.

A place to store bath products and cosmetics

Corner shelves are ideal for storing these types of products, which you can buy cheaply on Allegro or through Amazon. Other products that will work great for keeping cosmetics there are shower hangers or a tension rod. These are readily available and come in many different designs. When deciding to purchase any of the products outlined above, consider the size and type of shower head.

When you will be putting a rack or rod in your toilet, adjust their size to the size of your toiletries. If the spaces between the shelves are too small, some of the products, such as gels or shampoos, may not fit.

If there are multiple people in your household and you need even more space for beauty products, ask one or more family members to use a handy bag and to bring their products from the bedroom to the bathroom when they shower or get ready for work or school.

Find unused space

If the need arises, use every spare inch of your bathroom. You can find free space everywhere from the floor to the cabinets to the shower stalls.


To make use of the free space that is the floor, it will be worth investing in garbage cans and containers. This way you can store laundry powders and capsules or other things that don’t need to be at hand. Additionally, you can purchase special paper racks and place them near the toilet so you can easily change the roll when needed.


You can use different hooks and shelves to get even more storage space. Many hooks don’t require installation and are inexpensive. There are also variants that you can mount directly on the wall.

Enlarging your cabinets

You can find baskets on the market that you can put on top of your cabinets. The product is simple and spacious, and you can use it to store various products. There are many different baskets of this type and they can be designed to store a hair dryer, curling iron, etc


In stores like IKEA, you can find inexpensive wall shelves that will significantly expand the available space. The only disadvantage of such a shelf is the need for assembly, but the effect is worth the effort.

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