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Creeping flowers for the garden – a review of proposals

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Destini Fry
Creeping flowers for the garden – a review of proposals

Climbers are particularly impressive garden plants with a wide range of uses. They are perfect for pergolas, arbors, paths or garden elements that we would like to cover, such as a fence or the wall of an outbuilding. Browse with us the most popular climbing plants for the garden.

Among climbing plants you will find species with decorative leaves, flowering, and also with edible fruits. Some of them require more attention, while others can grow abundantly without special care. Here are some species that will do well in your garden.

1. Ivy hedera

Otherwise known as common ivy, it is one of the most popular climber species in Poland. This plant doesn’t have high requirements – it covers almost every surface quickly and densely. It likes sunny positions, but it also does well in the shade. It needs regular watering only during drought. As a rule it is also a frost resistant plant – in exceptionally cold winters you can cover its base just in case. Ivies can reach even up to dozen or so meters of height.

2. Ivy plants

Ivies are also easy in cultivation – the vines form dense, impermeable walls. The leaves turn a beautiful shade of red in autumn. This plant is frost hardy. It grows well both in bright and shady places. The only maintenance it needs is regular pruning and control of the growth. It is worth remembering that grapefruits have a late vegetation period – in spring the plant doesn’t have leaves.

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3. Large-leaved cornucopia

It is a plant with intense green heart-shaped leaves, which turn yellow in autumn. Its vines can reach 15 cm. It blooms in May and June with showy flowers and a beautiful purple-brown color. After the flowering period, the vine is decorated with long, cucumber-like fruits in green color. This plant likes shade. However, it needs solid support. During the drought it should be regularly watered. It likes organic fertilizers. It is frost hardy.

4. Honeysuckle

Another flowering species with showy tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers – depending on the variety they have different colors. Honeysuckle vines can grow up to 6 m high. They feel best in sunny places. However, they can also grow in the shade. During drought they need regular watering. It is also recommended to protect them against pests and diseases.

5. Flowering wisteria

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful climbers in the garden. Its long, clustered flowers with spectacular colors – white, blue or purple – are very impressive. This plant grows up to 4 m high. It likes sunny, warm and sheltered from the wind positions. It is a climber which needs regular care – watering, fertilizing, pruning and protection from frost

6. Clematis

It is one of the most popular climbers in Polish gardens. It is one of the most popular climbers in Polish gardens. Clematis variety has got beautiful big blossoms even up to 20 cm diameter. It grows best in bright positions, but not in direct sunlight. It is recommended to water the plant regularly and fertilize it with a preparation for flowering plants

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