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Ideas for spring outdoor activities for the whole family!

Destini Fry
Ideas for spring outdoor activities for the whole family!

Spring is the time when it finally gets warmer after long months of winter, and just being outside is pure pleasure. However, sometimes you don’t know what to do and how to have a nice time with your family. Here’s a short list of suggestions for various outdoor activities for big and small! 

Not all spring activities have to be related to sports, as you might think, although in fact this time of year is usually associated with a return to physical activity. Above all, however, it’s about having a great time with your family and not suffering from boredom. How to do it? 

A walk of exploration 

If you are not into running and intense cross-country skiing, you can go for a peaceful walk full of adventure. You can go to a forest, a lake or a nearby orchard. Take along binoculars, a magnifying glass, a camera, or other instruments that will help you keep track of your surroundings and the changes in them. This is great fun for kids and you won’t even notice when you reach your daily walking limit. Walking is also a great opportunity to get some oxygen, and while you’re exploring you’re sure to do a few bends and twists to replace your home gymnastics. 

Bike Trips

Of course, if you’ve been longing for your bikes all winter, spring is the perfect time to pull them out of the garage or basement and go for a rally. In the beginning we recommend short and easy routes, with time you can increase the intensity. But before that, remember to check your equipment thoroughly. To improve safety, do not forget about helmets.

Picnic or bonfire

This is a pleasant and delicious way to spend time together. In addition to sitting around a campfire or on a blanket, there is also the creation of snacks and preparations together, such as searching for sticks and sticks for baking sausages. Once you are together, you can play card games, board games, badminton or fly kites. With each of these activities you will have a lot of fun.

Photo session in the open air

This is not only fun, but also a useful idea for family time spent outdoors. At the beginning you will have to make preparations: choose the outfit, accessories, the place (for this purpose, you can organize a bicycle trip around the area a week or two weeks before), and then spend time together in the open air. This is an unusual way to integrate the family, a place for fooling around and making silly faces for the camera, kissing and cuddling. Children and you will be able to feel like real models. And the effects, that is photos of the whole project, will stay with you for a long time as a souvenir in the family album. 

Games from the old years 

Spring is also a good time to recall the games of your youth, which you can teach your children – they may not know how to play in class, war, jumping on the rubber or one, two, three Baba-Yaga is watching! Together with your parents you will be able to take a sentimental journey to the childhood years, and the little ones will break the boredom, learn new games and spend time actively. Isn’t this idea ideal for outdoor activities for the whole family? 

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