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Playground in front of the house – 4 interesting attractions for children

Destini Fry
Playground in front of the house – 4 interesting attractions for children

There is nothing better for a child than playing outside from morning till evening. Unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. However, we have some hints for parents of those children who can have their own playground in front of the house.

4 interesting attractions for children for a home playground

Creating interesting and engaging playground equipment and arranging a mini playground space doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Of course you can buy a ready-made and already designed playground or its individual elements, but this is often associated with a much higher cost of the undertaking. That is why it is worth creating attractions on your own or with the help of future users of the space, i.e. children – they will know best what they like.


This is a proven piece of equipment that is found in virtually every garden where there are children. It can fit on a metal whisker (which will be an additional attraction) or be made entirely of wood

Sandbox under sail

An ordinary sandbox with a little will and work can turn into a ship to travel the seas and oceans, in addition, the sail will protect the child from the harsh sun during the day.


You can make it using 2 wooden pallets, and there will be a lot of fun and laughter. In addition, play will become a pleasant exercise

Balance beam

It can be created in the form of a swing or a beam attached by chains to a frame. There are many options, but each helps to occupy time and practice balance.

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