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Decorating a child’s room – what elements should be taken care of?

Destini Fry
Decorating a child’s room – what elements should be taken care of?

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The appearance of a new human being in the world is always a great reason to celebrate. For newly minted parents, it is also an opportunity to go wild when decorating a room for a toddler. Regardless of the age, a child needs some specific elements in its environment, which a parent has to provide for it. See what elements should be taken care of in the rooms of children of different age groups

Room for a baby

During the entire period of infancy a child develops very intensively. It needs a variety of stimuli, which will allow it to create new neural connections in the brain, learn and explore the world. In the room or the corner for the baby in the parents’ bedroom, there must be a crib for the little one. The child must have its own private space, where no one will disturb him during sleep and rest. In such a crib there should be absolutely nothing but a mattress and a waterproof sheet on an elastic band. It’s very easy for your baby to bury himself in bedding or other bedding when sleeping, which is extremely dangerous for him

To avoid these situations, put your baby to sleep only in a sleeping bag that fits his body, without bedding, pillows, teddy bears or blankets. Above the crib, although it looks beautiful, there should not be a canopy. This blocks the baby’s access to stimuli, so that neural connections are not made as they should be. The child must be able to look around the room and not just stare at the stretches of fabric overhead

Toys for such a toddler should be primarily educational and sensory. A piece of plastic playing and flashing colorful lights is not the most developing gadget for a child. Blocks from the online store are a great way to let your child explore the world in a safe and smart way

Preschooler’s room

A child of preschool age already has slightly higher requirements as to the conditions in his/her room. First of all, they have already developed a sense and need for privacy and property. Therefore, it is worth that the preschooler already has a few square meters for his own use. In his room there should be a crib or a baby bed, if the child is already big enough.

In addition, there must also be no lack of space for play and self-expression. In order for the child to develop properly, also emotionally, his toys should be very different and have many uses. They cannot be only blocks or dolls. Toddlers of preschool age also need creative play, such as drawing, painting, coloring, modeling with plasticine and salt mass and many others. Such a creative corner, in which there will be a table with a low chair, which the child can easily climb on, and artistic accessories is a great idea to occupy the child with developing and creative play for a long time

School-age child’s room

During the elementary school period, in addition to intellectual development, proper physical development is also important. At this time there are a lot of growth spurts, which promote the development of posture defects and osteoarticular system. A child in elementary school grows at a dizzying pace, very similar to that of infancy

Therefore, you should make sure that in his room there is a bed adapted to his height, as well as a desk and a chair, allowing for height adjustment. Thanks to such furniture, your child will be able to sit up straight and comfortably, even if it has grown a few centimeters. You, as a parent, in turn, will save a lot of money, because buying new furniture every year or two will not be your problem.

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