How to decorate the living room in boho style?

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Boho style is characterized by the combination of many conventions and styles. Lovers of ethnic patterns and great diversity should reach for this style when arranging a living room. We suggest how to decorate a living room in boho style.

Boho colors

This style is based mainly on light, natural colors, especially shades of white, gray, beige and brown. It is on these colors that you should bet, decorating a living room in the boho style. Subdued colors, however, should be varied original patterns or more pronounced colors. Often boho style draws from ethnic aesthetics, so well here will work: olive green, burgundy, brick orange or mustard yellow.

Properly selected colors can be both the base, as well as only accents in the arrangement. Either way, in boho living rooms it is worth betting on naturalness. Therefore, you can reach for uncolored wood, raw bricks and stone and leather materials. All vintage elements will also look good.


Relaxing atmosphere, which is the basis of boho style, should be achieved not only by appropriate colors, but also well-chosen equipment. It is worth betting on furniture with lightweight structures. Perfect here will be classic furniture from the 60s, so those on long and narrow legs. In a boho living room, you can confidently use retro, recycled or stylized furniture. Upholstered sofas with upholstery pleasant to the touch will fit perfectly in boho arrangements.

Materials that go well with furniture include wood, bamboo and wicker. Wicker armchairs or low pouffes will encourage you to relax. Coffee tables should also be low and openwork.

Boho fabrics

Living room in this style should be soft and cozy, and this can be achieved by a large number of materials. Pillows, curtains, bedspreads or carpets are very welcome here. Here it is also worth betting on natural materials: linen, wool, cotton or jute. There are no precise rules in boho style, so you can easily play with it and use different patterns, adjusting them to your liking. An interesting solution is the transfer of folk patterns in the form of details. Fabrics can introduce to the living room a unique atmosphere and give the arrangement a characteristic tone for boho style.

Additions to living room

In the living room in the boho style you do not have to limit yourself with the number of accessories used. It is best to bet on all kinds of handicrafts, colorful paintings and macramé. Welcome are souvenirs from travels that will make the living room will have a more individual character. On the shelves and tables, it is worth placing candlesticks, various types of wooden figurines and clay vases. At first glance, the decorations may seem to be chaotically juxtaposed, but together they can create a coherent and well-thought-out whole. In this respect, boho interiors can be a bit extravagant.

Natural plants in all their forms are almost a must here. Both cut, field flowers in a vase and live, large plants in rattan flowerbeds will look good.


Lamps in boho style not only fulfill their practical function, but also serve as a decorative element. Most often these lamps are in natural shades of browns and beiges. It is good if they were made of wood, wicker or rattan. This will allow to maintain the coherence of the arrangement. Interesting lamps for a boho style living room can be found on the website

Lamps should not have a heavy form. Instead, they can take interesting, original shapes, creating modern and designer decorations.

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