Wall decals – more than just decoration

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Wall stickers are more than just an interesting accessory. They also have a practical function as protection of the wall against dirt, a study aid or an unusual clock face. We present a completely different perspective on stickers on the wall, thanks to which your interior will gain a unique character

Teaching aids

The wall stickers will prove useful not only as a creative decoration of the child’s room but also as a study aid. Regardless of whether the toddler is just learning the multiplication tables, skeleton structure or primary and secondary colors, it is worth to support him in assimilating new knowledge and make his learning more interesting with colorful wall stickers

It is a temporary solution which you can easily replace with another board. Until your little student will know everything even about the structure of the atom or the structure of the brain. The teaching aids in this form will be great as stickers for schools, where they will bring benefit to the next generations of knowledge-hungry children, and for teachers they will be an interesting teaching aid.

Clock face

Wall sticker serving as a clock face is an interesting idea that will make your apartment original and stylish. Just stick the digits in the right places, mount the mechanism on the wall and you can enjoy your new, functional element of decoration. Let your imagination run wild and attach the hours in surprising positions in relation to the face of the clock, and every guest will pay attention to how fashionable and innovative your apartment has become

A sticker in the form of a clock is also a great way to teach children to use it in an interesting way. Just stick it on the wall in his room, and in time, when your kid wants to change the decor, you can simply peel the stickers off the wall.

Stickers for switches

Stickers under the switches are a reliable way to protect yourself from dirt on the wall. They can increase the aesthetic value of your interior while taking care of the practical aspect. A wide range of offered colors makes it easy to match the sticker to your room. Why is it actually worth to put a sticker next to a switch? Take a look at the wall in the place where the switch is mounted. Especially on bright surfaces you will easily notice marks

Even with the most careful hygiene, over time your fingers will start to accidentally leave dirt on it. If you notice traces of use on the sticker, you can easily wash it with a wet cloth or rag. The sticker allows you to peel it off when it starts to look unsightly and enjoy a clean wall or stick another one on.

Kitchen of your dreams

We do not always have time to renovate our home or our budget does not allow us to do it. Undoubtedly, some rooms require at least a small renovation faster than others. A great example is the kitchen. It is exposed to the most dirt and sediments that are formed during our kitchen revolutions. You are not condemned to forging tiles or painting walls. A perfect solution to this problem are wall stickers. The internet is full of offers for tile stickers for the kitchen in many colors and various designs

There are really many options, and manufacturers are outdoing themselves in convenience. You can easily find stickers covered with laminate, waterproof, washable, resistant to abrasion. You can easily clean them with detergents, which you use anyway to clean your kitchen – they do not need special agents and their installation is really simple.

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