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Facade cleaning – don’t make these mistakes

Destini Fry
Facade cleaning – don’t make these mistakes

The elevation is the showcase of our home. Apart from decoration, it also constitutes protection and insulation of the property. It is worth taking proper care of it to enjoy its aesthetics for as long as possible. Check what mistakes should be avoided while cleaning the elevation.

How to clean the elevation?

Cleaning of the facade should be done on a regular basis, regardless of whether you use a specialist team or do it yourself. Dirt on the exterior walls of a building is caused by many factors, such as the specific climate or the location of the house. The façade can become very dirty due to construction work near the house or if you do the renovation work yourself. A house that is located close to a busy street is first exposed to pollution such as exhaust fumes or smog settling on the building. Then cleaning should take place more often than in the case of a house located far from the road. Another reason for dirt may be the moisture in the vicinity of the house, caused by the presence of a lake or pond. As a result, the facade may become mouldy. Rough surfaces are particularly susceptible to dirt, because dust, dirt and soil settle on them the most

What mistakes can be avoided?

  1. Cleaning too infrequently

The less often and the less regularly you clean the façade, the more you have to reckon with the fact that you might not be able to remove certain stains at all. Especially light-coloured facades should be cleaned very regularly.


  1. Too high a temperatureIf
    you use a pressure washer for cleaning, be sure to check the water temperature. It should not be too hot if the temperature outside is low. A significant difference in temperature can lead to damage to the facade.
  1. Too many cleaning agents

Keep in mind that the cleaning agents used for cleaning are strong chemicals that penetrate into the ground with the water after rinsing. This can have the effect of destroying many plants, poisoning your pets and contaminating the ground around your home. It’s worth investing in products that are as natural and organic as possible, and if you choose to use chemicals, use them in moderation.

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