Acrylic kitchen fronts – advantages and disadvantages

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Furniture fronts are an important consideration, especially in a kitchen space. Finishing it, it is worth considering acrylic fronts. What you need to know about them?

Advantages of acrylic fronts

Acrylic fronts are sometimes called in the decorating industry a gem in the kitchen buildings. And this is mainly due to the fact that they are built symmetrically, which guarantees a solid construction of the front. Acrylic itself, a material that provides furniture with a high gloss, is increasingly popular. What is its phenomenon? Certainly in the fact that it is a material extremely resistant to all mechanical bruises and scratches, but also, among others, is resistant to low temperatures. Among the advantages of kitchen acrylic fronts are their high gloss, which illuminates the interior, which gives it a chic and considerable elegance.

And what are the disadvantages?

And what disadvantages have acrylic fronts? Professionals complain about acrylic in terms of limited cooperation with this material. Since this kind of material does not allow you to “play” with irregular forms, you can not cut irregular shapes from it. It is also not possible to mill handles with acrylic fronts, so cabinet handles must remain in traditional form.

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