How to choose the height of a coffee table?

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A coffee table is a piece of furniture that has an auxiliary function – we can put a cup of coffee or a book on it and focus on relaxation. How to choose the right height of the coffee table? Let’s check!

Height of the coffee table – basic rules

A coffee table should not only have a decorative function in the living room but, above all, it should be useful. In order to ensure maximum comfort of use, it must be the right height – which is it?

Most often this type of furniture measures from 30 to 50 cm from the ground. When buying a coffee table, it is advisable to measure the height of the sofa or armchair next to which you will place the piece of furniture. The basic rule is that the table should be lower than the seat height of the sofa or armchair – preferably by about 3-5 cm. Only then will the table be comfortable and pleasant to use.

It is a great idea to choose a coffee table with height adjustment. Many people also decide to use 2-3 tables of different heights, which is also an interesting option.

How to choose the length of the coffee table?

Now that we know how high the coffee table should be, it is worth considering the optimum length of this piece of furniture. It is worth assuming that the table should be at least 1/2 and not more than 2/3 of the sofa’s length (e.g. the sofa is 200 cm long and the coffee table is 140 cm long).

After applying this rule, a functional circulation path will be created along and around the table. Every guest or household member will be able to use the table comfortably, and the room will retain the right proportions.

Distance between coffee table and sofa or armchair

What is the optimum distance between the coffee table and other lounge furniture? As emphasized by interior design specialists, maximum comfort will be achieved by leaving 40-50 cm of free space between the coffee table and the sofa or armchair.

Shape of the coffee table – which one to choose?

Now that we know how to adjust the height and length of the coffee table and at what distance to place it in relation to other furniture, it is worth talking about its optimal shape.

Very popular in recent years are oval and round coffee tables, which work well for example between two armchairs. In turn, a table in the form of a rectangle is an ideal solution for people who have a corner or sofa in the living room.

In a small room, where there is a small, 2-seater sofa, a square one will do well. Of course, these are only suggestions, we can choose such a table, which we like the most – even with an extravagant, irregular shape.

Coffee table and material – what’s hot?

When it comes to fashionable coffee table models, there is a lot of interest in industrial style variants made of glass and metal frames. There is also no shortage of oak table lovers, which visually warms up the interior and ages beautifully

An interesting solution are also models made of architectural concrete, which perfectly fit into a modern, minimalist room. For years in fashion are also tables with a stone top. Particularly respected are those made of marble and granite – thanks to the use of precious raw material, they introduce a breath of elegance and luxury.

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