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Where does mold come from in the refrigerator?

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Even the cleanest refrigerator can have uninvited guests in the form of fungus. It only takes one contaminated product for mold to spread throughout the appliance. Find out how to deal with it.

Why did mould appear in the fridge?

The cause of mold in the refrigerator, as a rule, are the products present in it, which have exceeded the expiration date. The fastest spoil vegetables, fruits, open preserves, as well as dairy products. As a rule, it is enough to inadvertently put in the refrigerator one product on the verge of freshness, so that within a few days on it and other fruits or vegetables mold appeared. Properly set temperature should minimize the possibility of the appearance of fungi, even if the expiration date is exceeded to some extent. However, if the product is already spoiled, not even the temperature will help.

How do I get rid of mould?

The most important thing is to get rid of spoiled products, as well as those that were near them. Then you need to wash and sanitize the refrigerator from the outside and thoroughly disinfect the inside. If you don’t have disinfectants on hand, you can use home remedies and use vinegar and baking soda for this. Another important step is to perfectly dry the refrigerator before you put any food items in there.

How to prevent the formation of mold in the refrigerator?

To prevent the formation of mold, it is important to prevent excessive amounts of warm air from entering the refrigerator. The temperature in the cooling compartment will not rise excessively, and therefore there will be no moisture, leading to the appearance of fungi. In addition, you need to remember not to put wet products or too warm food into the refrigerator. You should check the seals of the device, and open the door only for a short time. It is also important to regularly check whether some of the products have been in it for too long.

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