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How and where to place the living room table? Guide

Destini Fry
How and where to place the living room table? Guide

The choice of table and its place is a very important issue. Unfortunately, over the years its role has significantly decreased. How to set it so that it is useful and not cumbersome? See here for valuable tips.

Nowadays it is less common for the whole family to eat dinner together, let alone other dishes. People at home often eat their meals at different times. It happens that the function of a dining table is taken over by a small table in front of the TV, an island in the kitchen or each member of the family chooses their own room for consumption. This is a huge mistake. Food plays an important role and shared meals build family traditions. They also help to satisfy the need for a sense of acceptance and belonging to a group. In addition, eating in front of the computer or TV – you eat more. As opposed to shared meals, which are conscious and during which you control what you eat. Additionally, the table nowadays is not only a space that is associated with a meal. It’s where you often work, play board games with your kids, and receive guests. You already know why this piece of furniture is so important. Now find a place for it

Where to place the table?

Living room with an annex

In rooms open to the kitchen you can use a table instead of an island to divide the space between the seating area and the kitchen

Small living room

Here an extending table can become an ideal solution. It enables daily use of a smaller tabletop area, and in case of a larger number of guests, e.g. during holidays, it can be extended by pulling out extensions or adding an additional plate in the middle.

Large living room

The positioning of the living room table should provide free access to every seat. Ultimately, it should be at least 80-100 cm from the wall and other furniture. This is to allow you to sit down and stand up comfortably

Also think about what time you usually use the table. If it is mostly during the day, place it near a window. Daylight is more beneficial. On the other hand, if you usually sit down to feast together in the evening, this piece of furniture does not need to be placed near a window

Square and rectangular shaped tables are much more adjustable. Despite this, many people dream of a round version. Apparently, this shape promotes balance of power and facilitates conversation.

Which table to choose?

This is an investment for years, so think carefully about this purchase. Adjust the size of the piece of furniture to the place where it is to be placed. Tables in light colors and with a light structure will suit small spaces. They will add delicacy to the interior and optically enlarge the room. In larger rooms you can let your imagination run wild and choose any type. If you have already chosen the right size, now it is time for the material. It should be solid and durable. Wooden countertops are popular, all because this material is considered noble and timeless. It is also easy to clean and take care of every day. The only drawback is the price. A cheaper equivalent are tables made of MDF. Unfortunately, they are less durable. Another example is tables made of glass, metal and plastic. As you can see, there is a wide variety on the market. Choose the table that stylistically suits your living room the most, and its resistance will meet your needs

Table decorations

To make the table even more special in your home, bet on accessories. There is no more beautiful decoration than flowers, but if you don’t want or can’t afford them, choose a tablecloth or a runner that will emphasize the character of your living room. Another idea is a composition of candles. They will always bring a magical and cozy atmosphere to the interior. An excellent addition, aesthetic and practical, are napkins. Material ones in universal patterns will serve you for many years. If you have more time, fold them so that they look impressive. On the Internet you will find many instructional videos with simple methods

Where does or will your table stand?

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