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Busbars – what are they and is it worth investing in them?

Destini Fry
Busbars – what are they and is it worth investing in them?

Modern interiors require modern light fixtures. Therefore, if you are decorating your home in this style, think about the installation of busbars. Below we explain what they are and whether they are worth installing.

Busbars – what are they?

Busbars are, as the name suggests, lighting built on rails, which allows the installation of multiple lamps in one line. They are usually shaped like a flat bar. Definitely less common are models in the shape of tubes or channels (C and U profiles). Busbars consist of:

  • slats, by which power is supplied to the lamps, the most popular lengths are 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m and 3 m;
  • accessories with which the rails can be combined into entire lighting systems;
  • suspension systems;
  • mounting accessories.

You can find 3-phase or 1-phase busbars in stores. Definitely more popular are 3-phase systems, which allow you to create three electrical circuits that, very conveniently, are independently switched on.

Busbars – what rooms do they fit into?

Busbars are lighting systems that fit very well in rooms decorated in a modern style. This is a very impressive and convenient solution, which is increasingly popular as lighting for an apartment or house. Interestingly, crosspipes equipped with directional spotlights are also eagerly installed in stores and galleries, as their big advantage is the ability to change the position of the lamps, so you can illuminate and highlight selected areas well. 

Universal interior lighting

By installing busbars in a room, you gain the ability to quickly change the lighting arrangement. Wanting to slightly change the appearance of the room, you can rearrange the location of lamps or spotlights. Such a change of lighting, for example, by exposing other decorative elements, against all appearances gives a lot of effect. However, if you want a more powerful change of lighting, it is enough to decide to replace the light points. Nowadays in stores there are many spotlights for rails. The most popular, of course, are models in classic colors (such as white or black), but you can easily find in stores also slightly more extravagant spotlights (for example, in pink, gold or green).

Is it worth it to install busbars?

In our opinion, it is worth it! Especially if you care about designer lighting for your home or office. Busbars used to be used mainly in stores, but for some time now they have been successfully entering living rooms to give unique character to apartments. So if you’re looking for a solution that is comfortable, modern and striking, then chinelights are the perfect option for you.

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