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How to paint furniture white? Step by step

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How to paint furniture white? Step by step

White furniture has been fashionable for several seasons. Thanks to them you can create a unique atmosphere in the interior. How to paint painted furniture white?

How to paint furniture white?

In stores you can find different types of paint for furniture. Before buying it is worth to determine what effect you want to achieve. Wood paints vary in finish, opacity or durability.

Paints for painting furniture white:

  • acrylic – is one of the most popular paints for painting furniture. You can choose a paint with finish: glossy, matte or semi-matte. It has low resistance to mechanical damage. It is perfect for painting plywood. Acrylic paint dries very fast and does not smell;
  • phthalic – called alkyd paint is distinguished by the content of oil in its composition. You can paint lacquered furniture with it. It has great adhesion, so it can be used to paint MDF or particle board. It forms a flexible coating. Furniture painted with this paint takes a long time to dry and for a long time gives off a characteristic smell, because it is composed of gasoline and resin;
  • chalk paint – chalk paint gives a matte finish. It is very easy to apply. It is an ecological solution. It consists of water, powdered chalk and pigment. The disadvantage of this solution is the necessity of applying several layers. The paint after application is resistant to mechanical factors. Furniture covered with chalk paint should be finished with clear varnish or wax.
  • renovation paint – is a special paint designed for painting furniture. The surface to be painted with this paint does not need to be specially prepared (no need to peel off previous layers of enamel). The disadvantage of this solution is long drying time (about 12 hours). If the furniture is dark in color, it requires the application of several layers, which lengthens the painting time.

How to paint painted furniture white?

In many homes, lacquered furniture from the communist era remains, which are now fashionable. To fit into a modern interior, it is worth changing their color to white. Painting such furniture is not difficult but it is laborious. To paint lacquered furniture white, you must first remove the old coating. To do this, you need to clean and degrease the furniture, then remove the old layer of sandpaper with a thickness of 50 to 80. Before applying white paint, the surface should be matted with a higher grit paper (200 to 400).

Use a wood putty if the furniture will have visible defects. Wrought iron parts such as hinges or locks should be protected before painting. Before applying paint, it is advisable to paint the piece of furniture with a primer, thanks to which the paint will have better adhesion. When the primer dries, you can apply paint.

Painting furniture white – what should be kept in mind?

Painting furniture white is not difficult. You should do it slowly and carefully. In this way the furniture will look like new. Before painting, it is very important to prepare the surface properly. It is worth thinking about the effect in order to choose the right paint. Before painting, it is worth taking care of self-protection measures and work space, among other things, securing the floor.

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