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Terrace design for spring – TOP 6 ideas

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Destini Fry
Terrace design for spring – TOP 6 ideas

Warmer days have finally arrived. So it is high time to arrange your patio properly so that you can enjoy spending your free time outdoors on it. Below we present six top arrangements that will delight the eyes of your household members as well as… and your neighbors.

1. A plant paradise

Plants are an essential part of any patio. Man likes contact with nature, nature helps us relax and effectively unwind from everyday problems, that is why flowers will be irreplaceable in the arrangement of our little oasis of peace

They do not have to be big and demanding specimens, small plants in stylish pots or fresh cut flowers in eye-catching vases will suffice. Or you can decorate your patio a little differently – with masses of large flowers and plants with huge leaves and green motifs on pots and furnishings that make it look as if you have entered a real jungle. It’s also the perfect way to get away from the fractious space outside our patio – a busy street or noisy neighbors.

2. Alladin’s lamp

Keep in mind that our visits to the terrace will probably end in the late evenings. In order to enjoy the evening melancholy or social hubbub, we cannot forget about fancy lamps, providing lighting in an unusual form (lampshades set with crystals, which refract the light in an atmospheric way, work phenomenally)

The source of light should not be too strong, after all we do not intend to invite a cloud of insects. It should be subtle, dimmed, so candles or lamps, but also solar lamps will be perfect

Lamps in the shape of colorful balls were a hit last spring. Nowadays, various shapes, such as stars and paper clips, are available in stores . Those in smaller sizes will also be perfect. You can attach them to the edge of a hammock, plants or railings. Such a terrace no one will want to leave, even if it will be really late!

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3. Functional beauty

A terrace can be a substitute for a garden, but it can also be an extension of our house. We don’t have to spend time there selectively on special occasions, it can be used as an outdoor dining area, our office for remote work, or it can function as a living room

It is an important place – but we ourselves have to think about what we are going to do in this space, what we are going to do. This is what determines what we are going to fill this part of the house with. If the terrace is to become something like a living room or a lounge – it cannot lack seats and a table, if it is to be an office – a place to comfortably place a laptop.

4. An oasis of calm

A terrace has to be cosy, inviting with its warmth and beautiful atmosphere. You don’t need much to achieve this. All kinds of cushions and hammocks will do a great job (nowadays semicircular ones are in fashion, but classic fabric ones will also bring a fantastic atmosphere to our terrace). If the floor of our terrace is too cold (tiles or concrete), it is worth taking care of a carpet (perhaps artificial grass?) or cover it with boards.

5. Wooden house

Some people can’t imagine a real terrace without wicker furniture, decorated with colourful cushions and blankets. Wooden accessories such as a fence or a coffee table formed from a felled tree are also a great idea, especially if the floor of your terrace is planked. Wooden elements will be a great finishing touch, and will transport us to a forest tranquility atmosphere.

6. A white kingdom

White floors, white furnishings, white table, accessories… It all makes our terrace look refined and luxurious. But such an interior can also be cosy, thanks to seemingly small things like a rug under the coffee table or flowers by the window. A real hit are curtains, subtly blowing in the wind, which create a wonderful atmosphere of a Greek vacation, which especially in times of pandemics will be extremely desirable.

Room for imagination

Beautiful plants, fanciful light sources for the evening and wicker or wood are often used as decoration on the terrace. Or you can dress the entire terrace in one color, such as black or white. There are many ideas. However, it is important to remember that the arrangement of our terrace should not be random, but a plan that allows us to create a functional and beautiful space so that we can enjoy wonderful moments spent on it.

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