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How to choose the perfect city bike?

Destini Fry
How to choose the perfect city bike?

Do you want to buy a city bike – you feel excited about it, but also anxious, because you do not know which model to bet on? We will be happy to give you a hint! See what to pay attention to when choosing a city bike.

City bike – for whom?

In bicycle stores you will find a lot of types of bicycles. Quite popular are city bicycles, which, contrary to their name, are often used also outside urban roads, for example, in suburban villages. Is this a good idea? It depends. If you live in a rural area, where a dense network of paved bicycle paths has been built, and it’s along these paths that you’ll be making your rides, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a city bike. However, if you also intend to ride on unpaved roads, then for your own comfort it would be better to bet on a model with thicker tires.

What kind of city bike to choose?

To fully enjoy the delights of cycling, it is necessary to use properly selected equipment. People who regularly ride a bicycle emphasize that the equipment should make it easier for the cyclist to cover the road, it should not hinder him and cause discomfort. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a city bike? You can find the answer below.

Aluminum or steel city bike?

Bicycles that have a frame made of aluminum are very light, which makes many people consider them less durable than bikes with a steel frame. Both types of frames have numerous supporters, and it is impossible to unequivocally admit the right of either group. Before buying a bicycle, consider how often you will move your bike (for example, to the basement, lift on high curbs, etc.). If the bike room in your apartment building is located in the basement or you will keep your bike on the balcony, for example, it is worth betting on a lightweight model, which will not be too tiring to carry up the stairs.

Derailleurs for a city bike

City bicycles are usually equipped with several derailleurs. Usually their number is between 3 and 8 gears, although there are also models without derailleurs. However, the latter are strongly discouraged, as riding a bike without derailleurs is uncomfortable and tiring. 

How many derailleurs are worth having in a city bike? It is difficult to give a definite answer here, as you need to adjust the number of derailleurs to the terrain you will be riding on. Bicycles with three derailleurs are sufficient for short routes where there is no significant terrain. However, if we are going to ride a lot or simply the terrain on which we will ride is not flat, it is worth betting on a city bike with at least seven derailleurs. 

Don’t forget the accessories!

If you want to use your bike often, it’s worth equipping it with useful accessories. Of course, we do not mean lights or a bell, which must be included in the equipment of every bicycle, but, for example, a basket or pannier. A city bike with a basket (the choice of shapes and colors of baskets is huge!) is not only very designer, but also extremely functional. If you commute by bicycle to work, with the installation of a pannier or basket, you can do your shopping on the way and conveniently transport it home. 

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