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How to combine colors in interiors?

Destini Fry
How to combine colors in interiors?

The right combination of colors can create an interesting character of the interior. How should colors be combined to achieve the best effect?

Hue, brightness and saturation

The perception of color is influenced by its hue, brightness and saturation. Even a slight change in brightness and saturation is enough to obtain a completely new color.

The brightness of a color, or its intensity, depends on the amount of light. The more light, the brighter the color becomes.

Saturation, or the purity of a given color. By saturation, it is determined how a color has been “contaminated” by other colors.

How to create an optical impression with colors?

Colors in an interior should be selected on the basis of similarity or contrast. By combining colors, you can achieve the desired visual effect.

Optical enlargement of space

Bright colors optically enlarge space by reflecting light. Cold colors, e.g. white, blue, are the best to enlarge the space.

Decrease and lower the room

Dark colors on walls juxtaposed with dark furniture, work well in large rooms, because they optically reduce them.

Optical “warming” of space

A natural shade of brown will warm the room and make it very cozy. The color of natural wood works well in any room, regardless of its size.

“Cooling” the interior

An optically enlarged interior evokes a feeling of coolness. A room, which is dominated by white, gray and cold blue, seems larger and colder.

Optically lower the ceiling

In high rooms you can use optical lowering of the ceiling. This can be done, for example, by using dark paint, dark ceiling panels or coffers.

Mixing colors using the color wheel

The color wheel, which is a graphical template that is used to explain the principles of color mixing. This allows you to create color combinations that go well together

Monochromatic colors

If the arrangement is to be monochromatic, then you should choose different shades of the same color. According to this principle, you combine colors from the same family, for example, bottle green with mint and pastel green.

Related colors

Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. You can choose for example orange and enhance it with red, which is on the left, or yellow, which is on the right.

Complementary colors

Complementary or contrasting colors are placed opposite each other on the color wheel, e.g. yellow and navy blue. This combination is best used for large areas.

Proven color combinations

When juxtaposing colors in the interior, we must consider what effect we want to achieve. Colors change perception of an interior. Bright colors optically enlarge, while dark ones optically reduce the interior. Colors can also warm up or “cool down” the interior.

Combination of white with other colors

White is a cold color, which makes the interior seem very sterile. This color is a great solution for small rooms because it optically enlarges them.

  • white with green – white with an addition of green in the shade of mint, pistachio or bottle green makes the interior very elegant;
  • white and brown – beige furniture will warm white walls, giving the room a cozy feel. A classic solution is a combination of white with dark brown;
  • white with strong colors – a combination of white with strong colors is an idea for brave people who are not afraid of experiments. White looks very interesting when combined with gold, maroon and pink.

Combination of grey with other colors

Gray is a cold and very elegant color, which can be combined with other shades. The most popular is the shade of dove gray. Very elegant look rooms in shades of gray.

Gray can be “enlivened” with other colors such as powder pink or bottle green. These colors will give the interior a trendy look.

Combine beige with other colors

Beige is a classic color, which in combination with other contrasting elements, such as blue or bottle green, creates a warm and atmospheric interior.

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