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How to design an interior without a designer?

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How to design an interior without a designer?

The support of an interior designer is convenient, but significantly increases the cost of finishing the house. Find out what you should pay attention to if you decide to finish the interior yourself.

How to design the interior of the house yourself?

Anyone who undertakes to finish the interior of his house or apartment on his own, should carefully plan its appearance before undertaking the work. Only such an order gives a chance of success and consistency. Buying things on the spur of the moment is exciting, but can end in failure (a piece of furniture may not fit the chosen style or its size may not harmonize with the size of the room). So, before starting interior finishing, a plan of action is necessary.

Advantages of independent interior design

Many people who have decided to design interiors on their own praise the decision they made. First of all, they appreciate the fact that no one imposed their opinion on them. From the beginning to the end of the project, they were kept abreast of the work in progress and knew what kind of end result they could expect.

They also point to the lack of imposing on them the furnishing of a house or apartment in a particular, currently fashionable style as an advantage. By designing the interior on their own, they were able to plan each room according to their preferences, without explaining how and why a particular room should look – compared to interior design with an architect, this sub-point seems very important, as it is sometimes difficult to explain what we expect from a particular room, and much easier to simply realize it.

What to keep in mind when decorating your home?

Before you start decorating your apartment, decide what style you want to go for in your interiors. Look through interior designs decorated in the most popular styles and decide which one is closest to you. When decorating interiors, you do not have to rigidly adhere to the rules of style, but it is worthwhile to ensure consistency and follow the guidelines of a particular style. It is certainly worth reviewing photos of rooms decorated in Scandinavian, rustic, industrial, classic, glamour, boho, Hampton, eclectic or modern styles. Projects of interiors decorated in these styles will be a good dose of inspiration and will help you decide what style to bet on.

Custom interior design – where to get inspiration from?

So where to get inspiration from? Where to browse interior designs decorated in specific styles? With help comes, of course, the Internet. On the web you will find many blogs run by interior designers, where they describe their projects and include photos of finished interiors. It is also a good idea to browse the accounts of interior designers on Instagram. You can also find a lot of interesting inspiration on Pinterest or Homebook. Do you prefer more tangible sources, so that you can collect what you think are the most interesting projects on an inspiration board or in a special folder? We recommend your attention to trade magazines – they are a real mine of knowledge and ideas for effective and functional interior design.

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