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How to protect windows during renovation?

Destini Fry
How to protect windows during renovation?

If you are planning a renovation, you need to make sure that the elements that will not be replaced are not affected before you start the work. That is why it is so important to protect the windows during the renovation. How can this be done?

What do I need to protect the windows during the renovation?

You do not need any fancy materials to protect windows during renovation. The best material for this is painter’s film – you can buy a thicker one. This way it is possible to reuse it. You will also need a tape. It is advisable to buy paper tape as it is easier to peel off and does not leave marks. If you want to protect windows in an ecological way, use newspaper (preferably black and white).

A working handle will also come in handy during the renovation. It is worth screwing all the handles out of the windows so that they are not damaged during the renovation works. During the renovation you should use only one handle, which will be moved from one window to another if necessary.

How to protect windows during renovation?

If the windows are new, the first step is to remove the protective film. After removing it you can see the condition of the windows. Most often the windows are slightly dirty. Therefore, before protecting them, you need to clean them thoroughly.

Before the renovation, the windows should be very carefully protected. Pay special attention to moving elements (they can be very easily damaged). Fittings and hinges are sensitive to dust, which may adversely affect their operation.

How to prevent white rust?

Gypsum and cement plaster have an alkaline reaction, which combined with high humidity can lead to the formation of “white rust”, which causes damage to window hardware.

If moving parts have become dirty despite proper window protection, they need to be cleaned as soon as possible. Leaving the dirt can permanently damage, among others, the veneer on the window profile. It is very easy to scratch PVC windows, therefore you should use delicate preparations and a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

End of renovation – what about windows?

When the renovation is finished, the protection should be removed from the windows. In the next step the windows should be cleaned and properly preserved. It is worth doing these activities regularly. Thanks to that the windows will look like new even after the warranty period.

Good habits in window care

  1. You should clean your windows at least once every three months. If you live near a busy road you should clean your windows more often – sometimes even every three weeks.
  2. At least once a year you need to perform maintenance on the seals. They should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated with technical petroleum jelly or a gasket preservative.
  3. If, over time, the seal evaporates or hardens, it should be replaced. You can do this yourself. It must be carefully and tightly glued.
  4. The hardware in the windows is also worth lubricating once a year

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