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Inspirations for kitchen design with an island

Destini Fry
Inspirations for kitchen design with an island

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The kitchen is an important room in every home. It is worth that, in addition to an aesthetic appearance, it was also practical. One of the proven ways to increase its functionality, is to get a kitchen island

Why decide on an island?

The island is a common solution, which is put on in modern kitchens. This is because it is convenient to use and improves the aesthetics of the room. Thanks to it you can have everything at hand and prepare meals in a comfortable way. It is also a good way to maximize the use of kitchen space. Such dumps can be adjusted to your needs. An additional advantage is the possibility of using such a solution with a kitchenette open to the living room. This is a way to save space, especially in a small apartment or studio. The island then puts a border between the part intended for cooking and the one for rest. It is worth considering such an option since it is recommended by many people

Adjusting the arrangement to its purpose

The kitchen island can have many functions, which should first of all be adjusted to the needs of its users. For example, it can be used as a sphere for washing, cooking, or storing various things. Depending on your needs, buy the right sink, stove, or built-in refrigerator and dishwasher. In each of these cases it is worth betting on proper lighting, for example in the form of hanging lamps, placed centrally over the island. To do this, choose interesting lampshades that will go well with other elements of the equipment

With a larger room, the island can even be a dining area that will act as a table or bar. A popular solution in this case is a bar stool. It fits very well with modern decor and is ideal for high tops and islands. It is an alternative to the usual chairs and stools. Often such stools have an original design that will catch everyone’s eye. They can be a great decorative element

Match such an island with other furniture if you want to create a coherent character. It will help to choose, for example, the same countertop or fronts. Some people also decide on an option that will distinguish this element. This is the use of a strong color accent on the island, for example, matte black. This solution works well in bright and spacious rooms. Such islands, made entirely of wood, also look good

Where to find inspiration for kitchen design?

The first source of inspiration, where you can find interesting ideas for kitchens with an island, is of course the Internet. For this purpose, it is worth looking for photos on various blogs and profiles in social media. Such interiors are decorated in a variety of styles. Often to the photos is posted the designation of the place where you buy the furniture. This will also allow you to get acquainted with the offer of stores that can also inspire you. Apart from this, it is also a good idea to browse magazines and websites dealing with interior design

You should also visit stationary furniture and home improvement stores that have sample kitchen arrangements. This will allow you to see how certain items and furnishings look in person. You can see what a particular color scheme looks like and how the furniture matches with certain accessories. It’s a great place to get inspired. Many of these expos have kitchen islands in different versions and with different purposes, as this is a very popular solution. We also recommend browsing product catalogs of popular companies

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