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Wallpaper vs. wall mural – what are the differences?

Destini Fry
Wallpaper vs. wall mural – what are the differences?

Photo wallpaper and wallpaper are not names interchangeably. Although they perform the same function they are not the same thing. Check out what the difference between the two is.


The most significant difference is in the application of wallpaper and wall mural. Wallpaper is a typical finish for the walls in a room, which you can stick yourself. A photo wallpaper is made to measure and usually has an exotic design. It is much more expensive, because a square meter oscillates around the price of 80-140 zloty. This has a bearing on the quality, as wallpapers are usually much more durable. However, if we invest in a high quality wallpaper and this will present itself in good shape for years.

Prints on photo wallpaper

For the production of wall murals, similar materials are used, with the main difference that the material for a wall mural must allow the printing of graphics, so a layer of vinyl, latex or PVC-coated paper. A high-resolution image requires a suitable substrate, so the backings for wall murals are durable, resistant to dirt and mechanical damage. And wallpaper and photo wallpaper can serve us for many years, if we bet in the choice of high-quality material.

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