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Undemanding flowers for every garden

In the garden
Destini Fry
Undemanding flowers for every garden

Who among us does not dream of a beautiful garden full of flowers and herbs? Unfortunately, the realities of life often bring us down to earth in this regard, and when choosing plants and flowers for the garden we tend to opt for practical solutions which do not require much commitment from us. 

Beautiful garden flowers do not always mean many hours of complicated care. In garden stores we can find many varieties of flowers and shrubs which are almost self-sufficient. They are often drought tolerant, so you won’t have to water them additionally. 

Annual flowers

Night-scented stock

This flower will provide us with a beautiful fragrance in summer evenings, so we recommend sowing it near the terrace or windows. We can sow it directly into the ground. It has small purple flowers and blooms from June to September. It doesn’t require additional watering. It grows well in sun or partial shade.


Marigolds are perfect for beginner gardeners. Resistant to drought and disease, they thrive in any type of soil and tolerate transplanting. They are full of flowers until the first frosts. What’s more, their cultivation does not consume high costs, because after the inflorescences bloom we can successfully collect seeds in autumn, which we will use next spring. 

Summer splashes

This is another garden favorite that does not require specialized care. Hardy, it can grow on any soil and will surprise us with its fast growth. It looks beautiful in large clusters and flower beds. Remember to sow it already in the target place, because it can tolerate transplanting badly. 

Biennial flowers and perennials


When we think of flowers that are easy to grow, pansies almost immediately come to mind. These charming biennials with their multi-colored petals are suitable for both pot and ground planting. They bloom from early spring to June and adorn our gardens wonderfully. They prefer moist soil so they do better in partial shade, but this is not a prerequisite. 


These biennial flowers are mostly associated with spring and especially with May. The tiny blue flowers can decorate many beds. Like pansies, they do not have any special soil requirements, but they bloom profusely in moist ground. They like shady places and look great where other flowers won’t grow. 

Bearded carnations

These carnations are easy to grow and not very demanding. Their multi-coloured compact inflorescences on approx. 20 cm long stems make it possible to use and fill flower bed space. They can be recognized by their strong, spicy scent. They are perfect for bouquets. 


These are the garden samographes. They grow wonderfully in almost every condition. Their only “disadvantage” is that they bloom only in June, however, their unusual inflorescences make up for this minor inconvenience. Although the flowers bloom, their relatively pretty leaves stay with us for a longer time and continue to fill the flowerbeds. The most popular varieties in our country are chinch iris and smaller Siberian irises. They look best in large clusters, creating striking patches of color. 

main photo: Johnston

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