How to organize New Year’s Eve at home?

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Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home is becoming increasingly popular. In order to do so, it is important to take the right steps so that our party is well remembered.

New Year’s Eve – the perfect opportunity to meet and celebrate

Undoubtedly, New Year’s Eve is one of the best occasions to get together with friends. Although everyone spends the holidays with their families, it is New Year’s Eve that we can spend with our friends. If you want to meet up with your friends every year, you have to prepare the whole event properly

Attractions for New Year’s Eve

The organization of New Year’s Eve should begin with the choice of attractions for this evening. If you are fed up with boring parties, consider organizing a theme party, which will be governed by a fixed dress code. It can be a kitsch party, movie style, or glamour. You can also think about playing board games – great fun is guaranteed!

The right menu for New Year’s Eve at home

Make sure your guests have something to eat and drink. Remember that your guests don’t expect fancy dishes, so you should focus on snacks. It is better to resign from mass cakes and many hot dishes, and prepare salads and sweets. As a compromise, you can allow yourself one hot dish. Do not rely only on chips, sticks and crackers.

Although guests often bring something from themselves, it is worth taking care of appropriate drinks. Besides juices and spirits, you can also prepare delicious drinks decorated with palm trees and fruit

Secure furniture and fragile objects

A New Year’s Eve party means dancing and drinking more or less alcohol. In this case it is necessary to protect objects and furniture against breakage and damage. Move the furniture closer to the wall and roll up the carpet. Thanks to that we will not have to worry about losses and we will have more space to dance!

Appropriate decoration of the apartment

Beautiful decorations are the key to a successful party. Of course, you should stock up on confetti, balloons and streamers. Sequins can appear at midnight. If we have prepared a themed party, it is worth taking care of decorations that will relate to its theme. In the case of a movie party, these can be movie characters, as well as cardboard filmstrips.

Playlist for New Year’s Eve

There can be no New Year’s Eve party without good music. Instead of taking risks, it is worth reaching for the greatest hits. It can be disco music from the 80’s. A good solution is also to engage your guests in preparing a playlist. Let everyone propose a dozen or so favorite songs, and you can prepare a compilation with the most interesting ones. If you do it well in advance, you can avoid panicking and searching for new songs.

Make yourself a goddess

When organizing a party, don’t forget about yourself! You should definitely make yourself presentable to show your guests that you are a real hostess. Prepare yourself a relaxing bath, do some unusual and unique make-up and create a fancy party hairstyle.

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