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Ways to get rid of ants in your home – get rid of them!

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Destini Fry
Ways to get rid of ants in your home – get rid of them!

Ants often visit our homes, especially in the summer. They eagerly come to us when we have food on top. How to get rid of these uninvited guests from the house?

Ants can be a nuisance, but they are not dangerous. They are attracted primarily by the smell of sweet food, but also by bathroom dampness. To prevent ants from coming to our house, it is worth, instead of insecticides, to learn about several effective home remedies. Chemical agents can be dangerous for both small children and our pets

How to repel ants?

They often mark their paths with which they walk around our house. This sight can be frightening because there are usually a lot of them. However, knowing their paths, we can use some proven ways that will make them not so attractive to them anymore. With help comes lemon. Its sour taste and smell repels ants. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of cold water

Pour the solution into a bottle with an atomizer and spray the ant paths and thresholds of your house. If you don’t have an atomizer, make a small hole in the cork of a plastic bottle and carefully spray their paths. In the same way, you can prepare a concoction with garlic. However, its smell is much more intense. If you prefer oriental smells, prepare a solution with pepper using the same principle. Pour a few teaspoons of pepper into water and shake before use. If ants are a recurring problem in your home, you can also use these methods as a preventative measure

How to get rid of ants effectively?

If ants have invaded your home, we have some proven ways to get rid of them quickly. Cut the peel of an orange into small pieces or grate it and put it where the ants go. Orange is very harmful to ants. Table salt is also highly toxic to them, so this is a great way to combat ants

The same thing will happen if yeast becomes their meal. The ants carry it to the anthill, frequenting other ants with the poison. Scattered grains of rice are also a good way. Ants also carry them to the anthill, where they begin to rot when exposed to moisture. Toxins from mold are very harmful to ants. If these ways don’t work, reach for something stronger. In many pharmacies you can buy peppermint essential oil, the smell of which ants hate. And if that doesn’t help either, look for borax in chemical stores – spilled on the floor, it will effectively exterminate ants

Home remedies for ants!

As soon as you notice ants in your house, don’t wait and take action. Ants will not go away by themselves and your problem will not be solved either. The above ways are express home remedies. These are products that you probably have in your home. Home remedies for ants are, above all, cheap, simple and effective. You do not have to immediately buy specialized chemicals that can harm not only ants, but also household members. We can fight ants mainly with smells they don’t like, so despite tempting them with sweet smell, they will avoid your house

Also, remember not to leave anything out during the summer. By hiding food in the refrigerator, we will not tempt the ants and they will stay with us in the gardens. There we need them very much because they are part of the ecosystem. They kill and eat the many insects that attack our plants. They dig underground corridors that aerate the soil and give space to the roots so that the flowers grow better

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