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Wallpaper in leaves and floral motifs for the bedroom

Destini Fry
Wallpaper in leaves and floral motifs for the bedroom

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Green calms, it is a color associated with nature and harmony. That is why plants bring a unique, warm mood into the house and make every interior come alive. They also have a positive influence on the quality of air in the house, and thus on the health of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, not everyone can have plants – some people have allergies, others travel a lot, others can’t even keep a cactus alive. But that’s no reason to completely deprive your home of the positive energy that plants bring to the decor. Here’s how to bring plant motifs into your bedroom

A bed in the middle of the tropical jungle

Everyone wants to wake up surrounded by exotic plants, beautiful flowers and birds of paradise. Although it is difficult to find a jungle in the Polish climate, a wallpaper with floral motifs will create a similar effect in your bedroom. On wallpapers you can find leaves of such exotic plants as monstera, chamedora, szeflera, strelitzia or philodendron. These plants are quite difficult to maintain, but in the form of graphics on the wall will always be beautiful, green and impressive, and their leaves will never fall off. Colorful and tropical plants painted on the wallpaper will put you in a good mood from the very morning and allow you to start the day with a smile on your lips and charged with positive energy battery

Romantic bedroom in rustic style

If you are not drawn to the tropics and climates associated with exoticism, delicate and elegant floral wallpaper is perfect for a bedroom in a rustic style. This romantic and very subtle decor is perfect for such intimate spaces as the bedroom. Flowers, for example, roses, peonies or carnations on a light background will establish the whole decor, dominating the room to a large extent and making it easier to decorate the bedroom in a particular style. On such a wallpaper will look best bright flowers in pastel color, preferably slightly transparent, as if painted in watercolor. Such a pattern will suit best to a rustic bedroom and will not be too flashy. On the other hand, avoid exotic flowers, which appear on wallpapers in strong and vivid colors

Original floral motifs for the bedroom

If you do not want wallpaper to be the main element of your bedroom décor, but you like floral motifs on the walls, you can opt for more neutral patterns for the interior. Eucalyptus leaves, ivy stems climbing on the walls or symmetrical and covered cherry or apple branches will decorate the walls, but they will not define the look of the room. Such a delicate motif will be a perfect decoration for practically every, maybe except minimalist, style. Plant patterns ennoble the interior and are a great way to avoid boredom and blandness in the decor, which lacks a specific theme. The collection of bedroom wallpapers with original graphics offers an extremely wide range of motifs, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste

When decorating your bedroom it is important not to do anything against yourself. Choose such a style and such wallpaper designs that you like the most. The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and only a few people have access to it. Make sure that your oasis of calm looks beautiful and pleases you first and foremost. Even if it will not be decorated in the spirit of the most fashionable trends from new catalogs, it is important that it has a soul and a cozy atmosphere.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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