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Which filter pitcher to choose? Does it matter?

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Destini Fry
Which filter pitcher to choose? Does it matter?

Water filtering jugs are gaining popularity. They prove useful in many homes, workplaces and kindergartens. Find out which pitcher to choose and what to pay attention to when buying it. Check the guide below.

Each year, the awareness of the society in the field of environmental protection and climate change is growing. More and more often we decide on ecological solutions, thanks to which we manage to save money. Water filtering jug can replace hundreds of plastic water bottles bought by us, and its replaceable filtering cartridges provide adequately purified and drinkable water. However, before you decide to buy a new device for your home, it is worth reading some information about it. When buying a pitcher, you need to get water-purifying filters. And you will find different types of them on the store shelves.

Advantages of buying a water filter pitcher

The main advantage that you will notice after buying a pitcher, is the improvement of taste and physicochemical properties of the filtered water. It is worth noting that filtered water does not leave limescale on household appliances and you can drink it without worry. In addition, thanks to the use of filtered water you do not expose your dishes to an unsightly tarnish, e.g. on the bottom of glasses.

How does a filter pitcher work?

In the pitcher you place a filter that has activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It is this combination that is responsible for improving the quality and properties of the water. When the ions in the cartridge come into contact with the water, they reduce the hardness of the water and remove the copper and lead content from it.

How to use a water filter jug?

Obtaining filtered and healthy water thanks to a pitcher is extremely simple. Just pour tap water into the upper container. In a few minutes it will flow through a special filter, which purifies it, and then it will go to the large lower container, from where you can pour water into a glass. Negative substances affecting the smell, taste and clarity of the water will be removed by the carbon present in the filters.

Types of filters

When you go to the store, you will find a lot of different filters. Which one to choose?

We can distinguish two types of filters: vertical, in the shape of a cylinder, such as the brand Dafi Classic and horizontal, which are wide but short, such as Brita Maxtra or Dafi Unimax. They differ in how long they last and how much water they can purify, for example the Dafi Classic filter can filter between 100 and 150 liters of water, while the Brita company recommends inserting a new filter after 28 days. They also differ in their application. The manufacturer of Dafi filters communicates that it divides its products into those for household appliances, such as coffee makers, kettles, or irons, and those for cold drinks and bottles. Depending on which filter you choose, it may differ in the degree to which it reduces water hardness and the strength to remove chlorine, for example. You can also find filters that raise the pH level of water or enrich water with magnesium.

If you decide to buy a filter pitcher, pay attention to the characteristics of the filters used for it. Thanks to them scale accumulation is reduced. They purify water of elements such as copper or lead. The purchase of such a pitcher is connected with the regularity of cartridge replacement, so it is best to buy several at once

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