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What influences the coziness of interiors?

Destini Fry
What influences the coziness of interiors?

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A cozy interior is an effect that is very easy to achieve if you follow a few simple rules. Thanks to this, your interiors will be a place where you can break away from everyday life, rest and relax.

The right color scheme

To achieve a calm, relaxing living space, work with a limited palette of natural colors. Tonal palettes, which use different shades of the same color, work especially well. For more varied hues, start with a warm color or a color with warm tones. Also, anything from pastels to rich jewel tones can create a cozy feel.

Light colors expand a small space, while dark colors create a sense of intimacy in a larger space. The rich, earthy shades of brown, green and red used in traditional hunting lodges show how effectively dark colors can warm a room.

Original walls

Instead of proceeding comfortably and safely with solid wall colors, treat them as an opportunity to express your personality. A single accent wall with an unusual wallpaper can change the entire mood of a room. Soft watercolors go a long way in creating a cozy atmosphere, but a bold print in more muted colors can do that as well.

A wallpaper with a photo-realistic image of a forest, lake beach or ocean will help you create a room that makes you escape to nature in your own home

If you’re not feeling so adventurous, the infinite variety of removable wall decals will allow you to give your walls a homey charm without needing much commitment.

A great idea would be to hang stylish printed boards on the wall, which are offered by stores such as at


Light has a big impact on the overall atmosphere of a room. In addition to general ambient lighting, provide task lighting such as bright reading lamps and under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Using table lamps for task lighting helps bring light down to a human level.

Next, add accent lighting to highlight elements such as cabinets, stairs and artwork. This lighting gives the room depth and an appropriate finish that highlights attention to detail.

To give a room a more calming, relaxing warmth, choose dimmable lighting and use LED bulbs with a “warm white” color temperature.

You can illuminate rooms in a myriad of different ways, and there are a huge number of lamps to choose from. Lounge lamps, bedroom lamps or youth lamps available at are just a few options.


Hard plastic and polyester may be practical, but they don’t please the senses the way natural materials do. Cotton, wool, wood and even stone invite the touch, giving your home an aura of comfort. Because they are associated with higher quality furniture and decorations, they evoke an atmosphere of timeless luxury.


In a cozy home, furniture should of course be comfortable. An oversized sectional sofa, a plush chaise longue, a comfortable armchair or an overstuffed ottoman make a home more cozy. Your furniture should be soft and large enough to encourage rest and relaxation. Additionally, think about the right mattress. There are plenty of variations, and online stores, such as the one available at, include product characteristics.

Choose a material that is cheap to maintain so you don’t have to worry about dirt and spills. Leather is easy to clean and offers all the benefits of a natural material, but it doesn’t suit everyone and isn’t comfortable for everyone….

If you prefer fabric, keep in mind that synthetics are generally easier to clean than natural fibers. Here you need to balance aesthetics with practicality. In terms of appearance, avoid furniture sets. A matched look seems impersonal.


Cozy homes are bright and airy, which allows you to move around freely. If you struggle with clutter, investing in a good place to store things will make your home much more comfortable. Containers made of felt, cotton, seagrass or wood will add extra coziness. Wooden trays on your coffee table and kitchen table will make these surfaces look neat and attractive.


Potted plants give rooms a cozy feel like no other decor. Vines and bushy plants with their carefree growth are particularly good choices, as are plants with soft or lacy leaves.

For plants with personality, try a string of pearls or asparagus. Place your plants in crochet baskets, macaroni or other textile holders for even more coziness.

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