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What garden plants will work well for autumn?

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Destini Fry
What garden plants will work well for autumn?

Do you want your garden to look beautiful in autumn? Check out what plants will be a good choice. There are actually a whole lot of possibilities, and it’s up to you to decide how the whole thing will look. Here are plants without which it is difficult to imagine a stately garden at this time of year.

Garden in autumn can be beautiful

Although many people miss the hot summer in autumn, this time of year can also have its charm. Of course, autumn days are much cooler, but you can still have a nice time during them – even in your own garden, admiring the plantings. If you think that the most beautiful things happen in it in summer, you are not necessarily right.

An autumn garden tempts you with a multitude of colors that can really impress. You just need to plan your plantings well for this time, and the effect is sure to be great. Importantly, flowers that will bloom in autumn are usually already planted in spring.

Bet on heather!

Flowers that are unequivocally associated with autumn are, of course, heather. You have to admit that they look amazing and fit perfectly into the landscape of the most colorful season of the year. They bloom in purple, red or white. It is difficult to imagine autumn flowerbeds without them.

Experienced gardeners suggest that heather is good to combine in the beds with heathers blooming in the spring – this way the view will be beautiful during both seasons. 

How about chrysanthemums?

Many people also advise to plant chrysanthemums, another name for which is goldenrod. They are perfect for autumn beds, as well as on balconies or terraces. However, remember to choose from among the many varieties those that are frost-resistant. This way they will survive in the garden for many years.

Time for asters

Did you know that this type of autumn flowers has up to 600 species? They are definitely one of the most famous flowers ideal for this time of year, so they should not be missing from your garden. They look great when planted in large numbers close together. Just don’t plant them too densely, as they can then fall prey to pests. 

Also remember to fertilize them regularly with products for flowering plants, not those with a lot of nitrogen, but those containing phosphorus and potassium. 

Romantic roses

If you are a true romantic, you would also love to see roses in your autumn garden. Plenty of their varieties repeat their flowering, so they do not please our eyes only in summer – rather, until late autumn. They present themselves magnificently!

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are a real horticultural hit, and this is not at all surprising. It’s hard to imagine a better background for blooming flowers – and this is true regardless of the season. Ornamental grass is a great complement to flowerbeds, sometimes it can even be considered their main ornament. If you want them to thrive, do the planting already in spring. 

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