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What to combine ornamental grasses with? Arrangements

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Destini Fry
What to combine ornamental grasses with? Arrangements

Every year more and more people decide to have ornamental grasses in the garden. This is due, among other things, to the effectiveness of these plants and their low maintenance requirements. What plants are worth growing in the company of grasses?

Ornamental grass combinations

Ornamental grasses can be combined with almost any plant. They make an ideal companion for them. There are so many varieties of ornamental grasses that you can plant them next to each other to create an interesting visual effect. They look very pretty and fit in with any style of garden.

The trend of planting one species of grass in the garden has become very popular recently. Then the garden looks very natural and elegant. Very popular is also the combination of several species of ornamental grasses. Such gardens look very light and natural. They blend beautifully with the other vegetation in the garden. Grass gardens are very useful – they are shelter for the smallest animals. The last advantage of grass is its fast growth. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful garden quickly.

Ornamental grass in beds

Ornamental grass looks good in flowerbeds – especially stacked ones. This composition can be created even on flat land. At the back of the composition it is best to plant plants with large sizes, such as thuyas, hydrangeas. The white and purple flowers of hydrangea bouquet perfectly match the reed, for example. The middle of the bed should be decorated with, for example, yarrow, tritoma or catnip. At the beginning of the bed, low perennials such as cranesbill or low coneflowers are best.

A raised bed is one of the most popular arrangements. Remember to plant your plants from the largest to the smallest. The taller the plants are, the more space they have to cover each other. The taller the plants are, the fewer of them there should be. The taller the plants are, the fewer of them there should be so that they can be properly exposed.

What plants look best with ornamental grass?

Ornamental grasses are plants which can be used to create beautiful compositions. Because of their low maintenance requirements, they are suitable for any garden (regardless of its size). Ornamental grasses fit into any style of garden, but they look best in English, country and Provence style. These beautiful plants should be planted in the company of:

  • sedums – they look beautiful in the company ofsedum grasses;
  • coneflowers– will emphasize the beauty of red baron grass, reed canary grass;
  • sage;
  • rudbeckia – they will emphasize the beauty of sedge grass and thistle;
  • yarrows – will look perfect in the company of, among others, millet grass, Hameln’s clematis.

Ornamental grasses look beautiful planted with most perennials. It is worth planting them in the company of colorful flowers, with which they will create a contrast. This combination will make your garden elegant and sophisticated. Ornamental grasses can also be planted under tree crowns. It is advisable to choose shade-tolerant species for planting under trees. Ornamental grasses also make a great companion for bulbous plants. It is a good idea to plant them with late-blooming varieties of grasses. This will keep the bed looking beautiful all the time.

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