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Garden furniture – not just chairs and benches

In the garden
Destini Fry
Garden furniture – not just chairs and benches

Spring is approaching, and that means that any day now we will start the season of spending time in the backyard. Reading a book on the terrace, lounging in a hammock or meeting friends by the barbecue – it is up to you what form of recreation in the garden you prefer

Regardless of your preferences, garden furniture is an essential element of a successful rest. Currently, the range of stores is so rich that you do not have to decide on standard garden chairs or benches. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce a bit of originality to your terrace or balcony. Check out what garden furniture you should have in your garden

In stores selling garden furniture you can buy whole sets of chairs, armchairs and matching tables or tables. Or you can put together your own garden furniture to make it comfortable for you and your guests

It all depends on what type of furniture you need most. It’s worth betting on a practical solution that’s tailored to you. Recently, modular furniture has become very fashionable, which can also be successfully used in the garden or on the terrace. A stylish corner sofa can be easily transformed into a comfortable sofa and a few practical poufs

An interesting solution is also garden furniture made of pallets, comfortable hammocks or swings, which will allow you to relax on a sunny and warm day. There are many solutions, you just need to get inspired and transfer the plans and ideas to your garden and then just enjoy the beautiful weather outside

What garden furniture should you have on your patio or balcony?

Hanging armchairs

A real hit of recent years are hanging armchairs placed on a large steel frame. They look a bit like baskets or cocoons. You can gently rock and sway in them. All you need is a soft cushion, a glass of lemonade and your favorite book and a successful afternoon in the garden is guaranteed

Comfortable deck chairs

As an alternative to armchairs or garden chairs there are simple deckchairs where you can lie down or even take a nap. Foldable deckchairs can be easily folded away so you don’t have a lot of space to store them once the summer season is over. You can sunbathe on them, read or simply contemplate the beauty of nature.

Heating umbrella

Heating umbrellas are a great device for people who love to spend time in the garden late in the evening or even at night. In the summer, the nights are warm, but as autumn approaches, the evenings are not as pleasant. Instead of covering yourself with blankets and putting on layers of sweaters, it’s worth equipping your garden with heating parasols. They will also work well as an additional form of lighting.

Pallet furniture

Pallet furniture is a sensational substitute for traditional garden furniture. In addition, you can make them yourself and at a low cost. You can successfully make benches, sofas, tables and even a parquet floor for a stylish patio. It is worth protecting the pallets with a suitable impregnant for wood

Garden sets – table and chairs or armchairs

A table and chairs is a very common element of any patio. People who love to eat outside have them in their gardens. It is also a great place to receive guests. You can buy ready-made table sets with chairs or comfortable armchairs in stores

Wooden swings

A great way to relax in your own garden is to put a wooden swing in it or hang a comfortable hammock between the trees. With its gentle sway and singing birds, it’s the perfect way to feel like you’re on vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Stylish flowerbeds

Don’t forget stylish accessories which make your patio or balcony a real eye-catcher. Attention is drawn to tasteful flowerbeds, which can be made from small boxes painted white. They look very aesthetic, especially when you put colorful flowers or fresh herbs inside.

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