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5 mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom

Destini Fry
5 mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom

Although in many homes the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms, its arrangement is not at all an easy task. Taking care of sufficient space, functional equipment and safety – all this requires time and a lot of thought. So check out what you should pay attention to when arranging your bathroom to avoid the most common mistakes.

First mistake: poor quality materials

When decorating the bathroom, it is advisable to follow the principle: once and for all. Since renovations can be particularly cumbersome and costly, you should make every effort to do this right from the start. A good step would be to buy solid and durable tiles – preferably non-slip and easy to clean, which will help maintain a high level of hygiene. In this case, it will also turn out to be extremely important to have the right furniture, namely those designed for rooms with high humidity. Otherwise, the furnishings will quickly deteriorate, resulting in additional replacement costs. A risky and unprofitable move in the bathroom is wallpaper on the wall, unless it will be laminated, vinyl or made of fiberglass.

Mistake two – inadequate ventilation

Small room size combined with frequent, long and hot showers is a proven way to get mold and mildew on the walls. So if you have your own health in mind and at the same time you care about the aesthetics of the room, first of all take care of its proper ventilation. If your bathroom is not equipped with a window, doors with special ventilation holes will undoubtedly improve air circulation. It is also a good idea to install a special fan. You must also remember to regularly clean the ventilation grille, which must not be obstructed, let alone bricked up.

Mistake three – bad lighting

Although a designer lamp always seems like a good idea, in the bathroom it will not be a sufficient source of light. Since this is the room where you most often apply your makeup, style your beard and fix your hairstyle, proper lighting is a must. In this case, a proven solution will turn out to be many evenly distributed light points, which will provide comfort to all household members. It’s also important to have the right light on the mirror – lamps on either side of it are a great idea. If you like relaxing baths, use decorative lighting and aromatic candles – a relaxing mood is guaranteed.

Mistake four – ill-considered arrangement

How to make a small room seem even smaller? Dark tiles, powerful furniture and overwhelming patterns – there is no shortage of ways. So if you want a spacious and bright bathroom, opt for cool colors and delicate, unobtrusive decorations. Another helpful solution is to replace matte materials with glossy ones – glass will be a hit. Besides, the room will surely be optically enlarged by a large mirror. The motto “less is more” really works in the bathroom. So to avoid cluttering up your bathroom, use tasteful baskets and storage containers to keep your face creams, gels and foams in order once and for all. Also look out for a shower shelf and towel rails. Suspended furniture and appliances are also an interesting option – a simple way to save valuable space.

Mistake five: the high shower tray

Nothing is more annoying during a morning shower than hitting your tibia. So to avoid unnecessary injuries, giving up the non-functional, high shower tray seems to be the best solution. The disadvantages of a high shower tray are that it takes up a lot of space and, since the shower enclosure is mounted on it, it is difficult to clean. An alternative to a high shower tray is a walk-in shower, which looks much more elegant and modern. When buying it, however, pay attention to the glazing – too short will result in a flooded floor.

Many factors contribute to an effective and impressive bathroom arrangement. However, the effort is definitely worth it – a stylish bathroom is often a sign of good taste of the owner or owner of the apartment. A sensibly planned bathroom is an investment that will last for many years and avoid tiresome renovations.

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