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Stocking stuffers in the garden? That’s what they can be used for!

In the garden
Destini Fry
Stocking stuffers in the garden? That’s what they can be used for!

Did you know that stockings can be used in the garden? You should of course choose ones that have already been used, that way you will also fit into the zero waste philosophy. You can also use tights, what counts is a material that is thin and also very flexible. Have you already guessed what you can use them for?

How to use stockings in the garden?

Of course, it is worth using stockings that have been worn and, for example, an eyelet has gone in them. This way, instead of throwing them away, you can give them a second life. Do you know what they can be used for? Certainly to protect your trees from pest invasion. Of course, they are more suitable for plants with a not too large trunk. Coat the material with insect repellent and put it on the bark of the tree, so that it protects the flora from pests.

However, that is not all. Stockings are also useful in other cases. Since they conduct water perfectly, you can put the bulbs of various plants in them and then sow them without worrying that they will not take. A special barrier will protect the tiny plants from being attacked by pests. This will ensure that they grow up healthy, tasty and beautiful. You can also use them to support branches and shrubs that bend under the weight of fruit or flowers. The elasticity of the pantyhose or stockings will make them perfectly support the plants. As a result, branches will not break under the weight.

After the spring and summer you can easily remove the stockings and wait for the next harvest. However, remember to wash the stockings thoroughly before use so that they look neat. Use only water, with no added detergents, so as not to harm the vegetation.

You can also use the stockings to make cushions to sit on in the garden. Just put cut grass in them, preferably if it is dried beforehand so that it does not rot inside the stocking. Such a pillow will be comfortable, practical and will certainly serve at least one season. However, in winter you can use it instead of a sled for sliding down the hill.

You can also use used tights for fencing. All you need to do is set up some boards around which you wrap the tights. This way, you can set aside space for vegetables, fruits, and all sorts of flowers or trees without any expense. The stockings remain practically invisible, but they effectively separate one space from another.

There is another way to do this. Low plants, which are very delicate, you can cover, especially at the base, just with tights. Just cut holes so as not to damage the plants and cover the base. In this way the plants will grow faster because a higher temperature will be created in this place. In addition, during the first frosts such a cover will protect plants from freezing. Use items such as tights or stockings even if they seem useless at first glance!

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