What to use to finish the walls in the hallway?

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The hallway has not only a utilitarian function, but it is also the showcase of the house. That is why we want it to be arranged in a practical way, but also to look great. It is not only about a thoughtful arrangement of furniture, but also about finishing walls. What should be used to finish walls in a hall so that they are not only pretty but also practical?

What materials should be used for finishing walls in a hallway?

The anteroom is definitely the most representative room in every house and that is why it is worth to think carefully about the way we want to decorate it. We have to start planning at the very beginning, when we think about what materials we will use to finish walls and floors. There are many possibilities. We can bet on decorative plasters, traditional paints and their washable versions, tiles (also the decorative ones), wallpapers, stone and even wood

It is good that the character of the anteroom refers to the other rooms, which are in its close vicinity. When choosing how to finish this specific interior, you must also take into account its size or the amount of light. This is an important aspect when choosing the color of the walls, as well as the material that you will put on them.

A small and cramped room will not look good in dark, warm shades or materials that will optically further reduce it. In such cases, it is safest to decide on a light color of walls with a neutral finish.

What to paint the hallway with?

When we decide to paint the walls of a hallway, it is necessary to bet on its washable forms, resistant to cleaning and scrubbing, such as ceramic paints. It is very easy to dirty a wall in a hallway. It is enough that we lean against it when taking off our shoes, touch it with a tire, put a bike on it or let a pet walk on it, which will have dirty paws, and disaster is bound to happen

An interesting proposal are structural paints, which in their appearance resemble structural plaster. Recently, you can more and more often see oil paints in the hallways, whose refreshed form has nothing in common with the clumsy solutions that we know from schools or hospitals


If we care about a durable, and also quite resistant to the removal of dirt solution, it is worth considering placing on the walls in the hallway vinyl wallpaper. There are many models available on the market, thanks to which further arrangement of this demanding interior will be pure pleasure

Wood, brick, concrete, structural plaster

These materials can be used both to cover entire walls in the hallway, but also as decorative elements. They will also work well for creating an intriguing lamppost. It is also a great solution when you do not want to decide on painting or wallpapering.

These materials will give the interior a character and modern freshness. If you care about visual warming of the interior, bet on wood. When you are tempted by industrial simplicity and minimalism, bet on architectural concrete or structural plaster. Brick wall will become remarkable background for other elements of arrangement. However pay attention that brick as well as stone are so decorative that in too big quantity they can overwhelm interior. Therefore, you should consider placing them, for example, only on one of the walls.

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