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Metal decorations for the garden – TOP 3

In the garden
Destini Fry
Metal decorations for the garden – TOP 3

Sometimes when arranging a garden we want to go crazy or we just look for simple, yet effective decorations. One of the most popular and almost classic are those made of metal. If only we take good care of them, they will serve us for many years. What decorations made of metal, in our opinion, deserve to be found in the TOP 3?

Ladders for flowers

This is a nice and practical decoration for your garden, as well as for the balcony or terrace. It will also work well mounted in the vine or flower bed of roses or lilies. You can opt for different patterns and colors. The current trends are geometric patterns, such as hexagons, and minimalist colors, such as black and white


Metal flowerbeds in the garden have a unique charm. Their aesthetic and unobtrusive form makes the beauty of the flowers placed on them the key to a perfect whole. Place hanging surfinias or magnificent ferns in them. The ‘wow’ effect is guaranteed

Metal garden sculptures

This is true art, and those who make such decorations are real artists. We were particularly enchanted by metal flowers, but all kinds of cages, spatial geometric figures, and animals are also very impressive

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