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Technorattan vs. rattan – what’s the real difference?

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When we think of modern and functional garden furniture, those made of rattan immediately come to mind. It turns out that equally popular models made of synthetic material called technorattan are available on the market.

Both these materials, although used mainly for the production of garden furniture, differ significantly in their properties. Learn about the biggest differences and check what advantages each of the above mentioned materials has

Both rattan and technorattan are materials that are very often chosen by people who have their own garden, terrace or wish to furnish their balcony. When the decision is made, it is difficult to say which type of furniture will be a better and more practical solution. Rattan is chosen by lovers of natural solutions, who appreciate the uniqueness of the items they own. Garden furniture made of rattan is not fully resistant to atmospheric conditions, thanks to which armchairs or sofas acquire a slightly different look each year – e.g. their color changes due to fading

Furniture made of technorattan will be more stable in appearance and resistant to weather conditions. It is a plastic material, which resembles rattan but is more durable and at the same time looks much more stylish than furniture made of plastic. So this is a modern solution that allows you to enjoy garden furniture for many years. Check which solution will work better on your terrace, patio or balcony

Technorattan or rattan – the main differences, advantages and disadvantages

Rattan – what is it?

Rattan is a kind of exotic raw material, which is obtained from different kinds of tropical palms and trees. It is mainly imported from Asian and African countries. It can be compared to an equally popular material used to make furniture, i.e. wicker. What are the characteristics of rattan and why has it gained such popularity in our country? Surely, a great advantage of this material is its hardness and resistance to damage. Thus, the furniture is very solid despite its delicate and subtle look. Rattan is widely used in braiding – decorative chairs, tables, sofas and interesting ornaments are made of it

What is Technorattan?

A synthetic equivalent of rattan is technorattan, which becomes more and more popular every year. It is a material made of HPDE polyethylene and polyurethane compounds, enriched with resin and refining agents. Thanks to that, the appearance of technorattan resembles the braids we get from rattan but it is more durable than it

An additional advantage of the synthetic substitute is its resistance to weather conditions. Buying dark garden furniture, we can be sure that it will not change color under the influence of sunlight, frost or rain. Technorattan chairs and tables do not have to be placed only in roofed spaces. Another advantage is that technorattan is a lightweight material, which is easy to keep clean

Which garden furniture should I choose?

Well-chosen garden furniture can make us fully enjoy the charm of beautiful weather on our own terrace or patio. Both rattan and technorattan furniture are very popular and each of these materials has its supporters and opponents

Certainly the advantage of rattan is that it is a beautiful natural material, but it will work only for people who have time for its care and maintenance. Furniture made of rattan will work better as a piece of furniture in the house or on a covered balcony than as a standing rest in the garden. They are undoubtedly items for connoisseurs of exceptional and unique things, who pay special attention to the aesthetics and workmanship of the furniture

The garden furniture made of technorattan is an excellent choice for those looking for a practical and durable solution, which will serve them for several years. The advantage of this proposition is the fact that the furniture does not require special maintenance and long hours spent on caring for it. They are perfect for gardens, terraces or uncovered balconies.

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