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Residential front doors – what is important in choosing one?

Destini Fry
Residential front doors – what is important in choosing one?

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The front door is the gateway to your private sphere and oasis of peace. They provide a sense of security, comfort and privacy. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to several important elements that determine how accurate your decision will be. See how to choose the perfect front door

Exterior of the door

The most obvious thing that everyone pays attention to is the appearance of the door. They are visible on the outside as well as the inside of your home, making them a kind of showpiece. Choose the color and model of the door according to the style in which your property is built. Modern and minimalist doors will not match the style of a cottage, while for an original and innovative house from the latest catalog heavy, ornamented wooden doors will look bad. Also pay attention to their color – it must match both the facade of the building and the interior design. Choose a shade that will match the rest of the interior doors and coordinate with the paint decorating the exterior of the house

Tightness and thermal insulation

Another very important point is the tightness of the door and how much it protects the house from the cold outside. For a door to be airtight it is necessary that it is properly installed and sized. Well, not every door and not every arch to be installed has the same size. If you buy a door that is several millimeters too short, there will be a gap at the floor or ceiling through which icy air will flow in winter. This generates additional costs for heating, makes the house perpetually cold and risks catching cold. How much insulation a door provides against the outside environment is also of great importance. A heavy and thick front door keeps the house warm and effectively protects the interior from the cold

Impact resistance and suitable locks

Front doors provide security in the home. They are a barrier against intruders and protect your privacy and intimacy. That is why it is so important that they are indestructible. Too weak material, for example thin plywood, the way they are made, where there is free space between layers of material and easy to destroy elements such as glass make the front door not an effective protection against burglars. Also how many, what type of locks can be installed in them is not without significance. The door should give you the ability to install at least two locks, preferably if they are typically burglar-proof locks that do not allow you to undermine them easily. Impact resistance is insanely important when it comes to both doors and locks. You can read more about choosing a secure door at:

Door soundproofing

This feature is especially important if you live in a crowded housing estate, on a busy street or in a block of flats. Noises coming from outside or from the staircase can drive residents crazy, so it’s worth ensuring that the front door of your house or apartment provides insulation against loud noises. That way you can enjoy quiet evenings and nights even on weekends in the city center

Choosing a front door is not an easy task. It is worth knowing what to focus on when buying them and what impact the various features will have on their use

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