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Ideas for refreshing your home in the spring

Destini Fry
Ideas for refreshing your home in the spring

Wondering how to refresh your apartment for spring? It turns out that you do not have to spend a fortune to let a breath of fresh air into your interior.

An effective metamorphosis of your home space can be done in a few simple steps and even with minimal expenditure. Spring is the perfect time to make changes that will give your home a whole new shine. Get to know some interesting ideas that will make your apartment look like from an interior design magazine, while retaining its cozy character. Get inspired and make changes today

If you want to refresh your interior with the arrival of spring, it is best to start with a plan, and then consistently implement it. New additions and decorations do not have to involve a large investment. You may be able to do most of the work yourself or for very little money. Maybe a little touch-up work, repainting your favourite chest of drawers or hanging different curtains is enough to give your home a whole new look for spring

It can be hard to keep up with interior trends as they change at a very fast pace, but they can be great inspiration for your new living room or bedroom. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away all your existing things and replace them with new ones. Sometimes all it takes is one or two new pieces of furniture or accessories to make the space feel more comfortable.

How to refresh your apartment for spring – 5 proven ideas

  1. Wall gallery

A great way to refresh your apartment in the spring is to make new use of wall space. You do not have to immediately grab a roller and paint to slightly refresh the interior that you are bored with. An interesting way is to hang on the wall some photos or pictures framed in original and modern frames. Graphics framed in frames with passe-partout, which you can make yourself, will look great

  1. Flea market rug

Do you love old objects with soul, which can be successfully given a new life? Maybe it’s time to go to an antique market to look for real gems for your interior. A stylish Moroccan rug or an unusual set of plates? Each piece of furniture has a unique history that gives it a special meaning and value

  1. Mirror in the bedroom

Looking for a way to optically enlarge and brighten up your bedroom? A large mirror in an elegant frame is perfect for this task. Thanks to the light bouncing off it, your bedroom will look brighter and appear bigger than it really is

  1. Home bookcase

Do you love reading and do you already have a large collection of books? Maybe it is the perfect time to make a special corner for them. A home bookcase looks very elegant and adds a touch of nonchalance to any interior. You can arrange books on shelves or arrange them in an interesting way under the coffee table

  1. Balcony decoration

Spring is the perfect time to redecorate your balcony or terrace. You can create a pleasant place to relax with large armchairs or sun loungers. Another option is to create a mini vegetable garden on your balcony, where you will grow cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs

Ways to decorate your home for spring

  • Fresh flowers in an interesting vase. Nothing refreshes an interior like the presence of fresh flowers. Spring is a perfect time to buy a beautiful bouquet of tulips, daffodils or hyacinths and put it in a glass or ceramic vase, preferably in a visible place
  • Hang graphics by a Polish artist. A very simple way for fresh interior decorations are unconventional graphics or posters. It is worth to search through the websites of Polish graphic artists to find something perfect for you.
  • Replacing curtains with delicate curtains. An ideal way to make a significant change at a small cost is to replace the curtains with curtains, which will bring more lightness to the interior.
  • Soy candle collection. Not only do they smell beautiful, they are usually packaged in designer jars or packaging – candles are an absolute must-have in your interior
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